7 Steps Leaders Use to Build an Effective Team

Building an effective team starts with creating a launching pad for success. Start by understanding the team members and their work style, then outline the goals and expectations for the team. 

After all of the team members are starting from the same place, spend time engaging and supporting the members of the team to produce great results based on what they bring to the table. Consider the following best practice tips when bringing together your team.

  1. Leverage Strength Finders Surveys, a quick glimpse of what matters to an individual an where their strengths lie.
  2. Understand how they prioritize their day – give them a list of typical daily activities in the role and ask them to describe their day with the regular demands for the business.
  3. Orchestrate introductions with key individuals inside and outside the team to foster reciprocal working relationships.
  4. Review their management based objectives (MBOs), so they know how they will be measured and what activities/projects/milestones are heavily weighted to help them make good decisions on prioritizing their time.
  5. Schedule reoccurring meetings to be sure the team is on task, provide guidance and remove obstacles.
  6. Develop and encourage a Team approach, “we are all in this together,” which creates team pressure to succeed and not just top down pressure to do good work.
  7. Create quarterly milestones to celebrate successes and burn off some steam as a team. Have each team member put ideas into the jar and pick one out each quarter and that person plans it with a defined budget:

beach-sand-art-with-a-by-rake-andres-amador-2Keeping the lines of communication open in both directions is also a critical component of effective teams.

What leadership best practice techniques have you found to be successful?