The Power of No

Can you say no? Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite authors. In The Power of NOW. Tolle writes that there is only ever Now. The past only happened in the Now, and the future–which hasn’t happened yet–will only happen in the Now of the present moment. There is only, ever, NOW, this present moment. Every […]

Career Assessment – Where Are You Right Now?

When was the last time you conducted a career assessment; truly examined where you are in your career and how you feel about it? Before you can move forward, you have to first figure out where you are in your career. In a recent podcast I talk further about examining this starting point and delve […]

Why Do You Hate Your Job?

Do you get up every morning, get ready for work and know in your heart that you hate your job? At some point in our life, perhaps most frequently in our early career, we find ourselves in a position in which we just hate what we do and/or who we do it for. That negative […]

Do You Listen to Your Inner Voice

Our inner voice can sometimes provide the answers for the questions we didn’t even know we need to ask. I am often asked how and why I started Tech Savvy Women (TSW). To be honest, it had been a soft, delicate voice that I heard in my thoughts from time to time over a three-year […]

Self Doubt is Self Limiting

How often do you listen to that voice in your head that questions your ability to take on challenges? If self doubt is making your career decisions it is time to put a muzzle on it. Our minds are very easily persuaded and if we give voice to our self doubt it will lead directly […]

Women in Leadership are Resilient

How resilient are you? As women in business we may find ourselves down and out – down by being passed over for a promotion or out due to a merger/acquisition. It is how you respond to these valley moments that will set you apart in the long run. The journey to the top with take […]

Lessons of Failure

We are all going to make mistakes. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we will probably do or say something or conversely fail to do or say something that we wish we could take back. The classic desire for a “do over.” However, it is how we handle that failure which truly defines us as business women. […]

Bad Managers: Career Advice Before You Quit A Bad Manager

Do you work for the worst boss ever? Many of us have been in that position and the only solution we can find is to leave. In fact, I was recently talking with a woman who’d been with a company 10 years but was so unhappy with her current boss that she felt certain the […]

Impostor Syndrome – Is Impostor Syndrome Holding You Back?

Do you go to work and live in fear of people finding out you are not as smart, talented or accomplished as they think you are? Do you question your value to a project because you think you don’t contribute to the level of others? Do you compare your efforts to others in the company? […]

Career Mistakes – Are They Lessons or Setbacks?

It is never easy when you realize you made a mistake.  In fact, depending on the magnitude, it can take different amounts of time to recover and for some many conversations with family and friends. If find, the lesson is not often immediate. I often need time and hindsight before I can really understand the lesson of […]