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professional rejection

How to Handle Professional Rejection

It isn’t easy facing professional rejection; loss of a job, passed over for promotion or other work related rejections can be difficult to overcome. However, what is most important about professional rejection is the determination to get back up again as well as learning from the experience. In the Huffington Post article “How to Get […]

advance women

The Role Men Need to Have to Advance Women to Leadership

If companies are going to advance women to leadership positions, the men in the organization need to play an active part. That was the crux of my dinner conversation with Gender Strategist, Jeffery Tobias Halter. I have been following Jeffery since I read his recent book: WHY WOMEN The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging […]

leadership effectiveness

5 Tips to Maximize Leadership Effectiveness

  How can you maximize your leadership effectiveness? Verne Harnish published an article in Fortune magazine that offer 5 performance metrics to consider. Your yes/no ratio: moving toward a more “no” centric ratio once you become established in business Number of meals with influencers: setting a goal to continually grow and nurture your network Hours […]

leadership culture

Seeking a Leadership Culture in the Workplace

Women interested in pursuing a leadership opportunity need to first find a company with a leadership culture. By that I mean, that from the top down, all of the leaders support, encourage and demonstrate more leadership traits rather than those of a manager. First – just a basic definition of the difference from Go2Hr: The main […]

Making Strategic Partnerships

Being strategic is one of my main focuses; in daily tasks, networking efforts and business plans, I believe that you must first have a specific direction or strategy before you embark on a journey for your career. I was recently interviewed on the podcast Chatting With Experts and had the opportunity to share a few […]