Effectively Communicate Your Professional Value

How effective have you been in communicating your professional value to your peers, your managers and those higher in your organization? In other words – what is your worth to your job, your department and your company? That may be hard to put into words because it goes beyond attendance, longevity and attitude. If you […]

3 Ways to More Effective Communication

Of all the leadership skills necessary perhaps effective communication is the most important. Being able to communicate so that peers, associates, leaders, vendors, customers and community understand is harder than you might think. In an INC article written by Alison Davis, Founder and CEO, Davis & Company, entitled Leaders: The Reason Your Communication May be Falling Short, […]

How a Relevant Conversation Can Change Your Direction

When was the last time you enjoyed a relevant conversation about your career trajectory with someone who understands your industry, your experience and your goals? Often we are so busy just getting through life that we rarely take the time to find someone to just talk business strategy with. And by business strategy, I mean […]

The Power of Words – Using Words – Reacting to Words

What is the power of words? How important are they to how we are perceived? It starts with the words we use – both in writing, in public and most importantly, when we think no one is listening. “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” ― John Wooden […]

5 Coaching Methods to Promote Women

As we seek to increase the number of women in leadership positions, businesses need to examine their coaching methods. What training, coaching and mentoring programs are available to help women advance within your company? Joelle Jay shares the importance of executive coaching in her article How to Preserve and Promote Women: More than enough evidence […]

Communication Style is Ultimate Leadership Skill

How you communicate, verbally and non-verbally may be the most important leadership skill in your arsenal. As Maya Angelou once said “it isn’t what you say or do as much as how you make them feel” and communication style is a critical part of interaction with others. “No matter what your job is, success will […]

Manterrupting – Bropropriating – Mansplaining Ways Men Undermine Women

Let’s start with a few definitions: Manterrupting: Unnecessary interruption of a woman by a man. Bropropriating: Taking a woman’s idea and taking credit for it. Mansplaining: When a man explains something to a woman in a patronizing way and it often begins with a man completely disregarding a woman’s opinions by interrupting her mid-sentence. As a woman […]

The Workplace – Effective Communication Methods for Women

The book  P.E.R.S.U.A.D.E. Communication Strategies that Move People to Action by Marlene Caroselli, Ed.D. offers some interesting discussion points and exercises to help readers be more persuasive in their communication. Each letter stands for a different strategy and the letter E – Engage – resonated with me. How often have you been in a meeting […]

Negotiation – Tips for Most Situations

Almost from the minute, we wake up until when our head hits the pillow, we find ourselves negotiating our way through the day. It might be negotiating with yourself for just five more minutes of sleep when you hit the snooze button. Or negotiating with your child over their outfit choice or what they eat […]

Having a Voice in a Male Dominated Industry

I was recently interviewed and asked and answered the question: What is the secret to making yourself heard in male-dominated occupations? I learned early on that I needed to know technology inside and out.  Not as good as my male counterparts but often better to be taken seriously at the conference table. In fact, I graduated with […]