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The Journey to an Inspired Life – Where to Go from Here?

Would you ever go on a cross-country journey without a map (or GPS system)? For those adventurous types who have all the time in the world, it might sound like fun. Check out the book Blue Highways to read the true account of a man who did just that after losing his wife and job […]

Failure and Then What?

Have you botched a presentation, lost a promotion, yelled at someone when they didn’t really deserve it or have you set a goal you did not achieve? We’ve all had disappointing situations where we missed the mark and failed at something we hoped to accomplish. Failure isn’t the issue. Failure is a gift we receive to […]

Are You a Task, Time or Gift Kind of Giver?

How do you communicate your appreciation to others in your life?  Think about it.  How do you express your gratitude?  It may be with a shiny gift but there are other ways to show appreciation. When thinking about this, I am reminded of a book I read to help improve my communication channels in my […]

Living Life on Purpose

I love Gretchen Rubin author of the shares a story of waking up to the reality that she wasn’t happy. She had it all but felt like she was in danger of wasting her life. Sound familiar? So she decided to challenge herself: I’ll have a happiness project! I vowed. I saw it in a […]

Does HAPPY work for You?

Are you happy? How many times have you heard that question? It seems this word appears in so many conversations we have with others and even ourselves.  So how do you answer this question?   I feel that when this question appears, what I’m really being asked is to measure my life in comparison to some unknown yardstick. […]

Tweets from Women’s Entrepreneur Festival

Last week over 200 women and men gathered in New York for the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival. Amid a myriad of keynote speakers, workshops and hallway conversations, comments and opinions were shared via Facebook and Twitter. Huffington Post gathered the top 20 tweets that were shared via #WEfestival.  Here are just a few of the inspiring […]

Are the Threads of Your Life in a Tangle?

What threads (choices), make up your quilt of life? Over time, I have made many choices; some come with many benefits and others impacted aspects of my life that I was not expecting. Each of these choices, I think of as threads—the job thread or the family thread, for example. Each choice has made its own impact and some […]