Successful Women – Are You a Connector?

In a recent CIO article (Great IT Leaders Must Have This Trait)  talking about the traits of successful people in the technology world, it mentions the importance of being a connector. When you think about it, it doesn’t matter what your industry; being a connector has value in all walks of life. A friend of […]

Be the Most Persuasive Just By Showing Up

Looking to gain consensus on an idea? Want to close a sale? The trick may be as simple as showing up. Robin Camarote says that the The 1 Thing Ridiculously Persuasive People Do Every Day is showing up. She says: “In-person requests are 34 times more successful than email. Researchers Vanessa Bohns and Mahdi Roghanizad say, “we found that […]

Who is in Your Sphere of Influence?

How strong is your network? Who is in your sphere of influence and do they support your efforts to advance in your career? Picture a circle and you are in the center. Surrounding you are those that you interact with at work, within the community and as part of your friends and family network. As […]

Assess Your Network of Professionals

Your network, who you know and who knows you, can be the most valuable tool in your career arsenal. Yet, how often have you taken the time to assess your network for the value and support it provides? In my new book Accelerate Your Impact, I spend a bit of time talking about the power […]

How a Relevant Conversation Can Change Your Direction

When was the last time you enjoyed a relevant conversation about your career trajectory with someone who understands your industry, your experience and your goals? Often we are so busy just getting through life that we rarely take the time to find someone to just talk business strategy with. And by business strategy, I mean […]

Overcoming Your Networking Fears

Do you struggle with networking fears? Part of the process of becoming a woman in leadership is the ability to effectively network, both within your organization as well as in the community. However, that isn’t necessarily an easy task for some. If you struggle knowing how to effectively network, if talking to strangers at a […]

Making Strategic Partnerships

Being strategic is one of my main focuses; in daily tasks, networking efforts and business plans, I believe that you must first have a specific direction or strategy before you embark on a journey for your career. I was recently interviewed on the podcast Chatting With Experts and had the opportunity to share a few […]

Top Two Networking Questions to Ask

Do have a strategy when you go to a networking event? is it a game to collect business cards or is it a struggle for you to talk with others and so perhaps you help the event coordinator or do you focus on just one or two people and try to make a connection? There […]

Your Centers of Influence – Tap In!

Whether we know it or not, we each have centers of influence in our life that can aid in our professional growth. the question is – are we using them effectively? What is a Center of Influence? A Center of Influence is someone in your network who understands you, respects what you offer and is […]

Social Media – Do You Maximize Online Relationships?

Social media provides many opportunities to connect strategically and consistently. Here are just a few suggestions for how to make the most of those social media contacts:       Keep your profile current: use a professional picture of yourself – not your company logo, a picture from vacation or an Avatar. Post your expertise and […]