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power of no

The Power of No

Can you say no? Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite authors. In The Power of NOW. Tolle writes that there is only ever Now. The past only happened in the Now, and the future–which hasn’t happened yet–will only happen in the Now of the present moment. There is only, ever, NOW, this present moment. Every […]

Making Strategic Partnerships

Being strategic is one of my main focuses; in daily tasks, networking efforts and business plans, I believe that you must first have a specific direction or strategy before you embark on a journey for your career. I was recently interviewed on the podcast Chatting With Experts and had the opportunity to share a few […]

You Need Downtime

Take A Break – 3 Downtime Tips from Successful Women

Do you make yourself a priority? Have you learned to put aside a little time for yourself on a regular basis? If not, this article offers advice you will want to consider – seriously. As business women, we know just how much responsibility, pressure, and stress can fall on our shoulders and if we don’t […]