Leaders of STEM, Dr. Irene Bell – Stranmillis University College in Northern Ireland

Dr. Bell and the relationship with Mary Mount University and now Stransmillis has been wonderful to expand the IASL reach internationally. We are preparing young educators to be leaders of STEM education from the start of their academic careers. This should create a cadre of highly qualified students and future Mary Mount University. I had […]

Impact At Any Age – 90 Yr Old Barbara Beskind Still in Tech

Impact has no age limit. Take Barbara Beskind for example. She has been creating and designing since she was eight years old. At 90, she has enjoyed three full careers, her most recent started two years ago with IDEO in Silicon Valley as a designer of products that help the aging with their unique challenges. NPR […]

STEM Curriculum – STEM Programs for Youth

I was thrilled to meet and interview Ronda Jameson.  She had great advice about how she created programs and opportunities for young students in STEM.  Listen to my recent interview with Ronda. Ronda Jameson, M.Ed is the Director of STEM Education for Texarkana Independent School District in Texarkana, Texas. She has served in public and private […]

Women in STEM – Leading an IP Management & Technology Transfer Firm, Laura Schoppe

Laura Schoppe, recently chatted with me about her journey to become a leading woman in STEM. I have been seeking out leading women who can share insights, challenges and successes for others who want to advance in careers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During the interview, Laura shared two pieces of advice she was […]

Women We Should Know – Mayim Bialik

Women still trail men in the fields of science and technology. Why is that? Have we failed to make science appealing to young girls? Are there too few role models for girls to look to as an example? Mayim Bialik, started as a young actress coming into family homes as Blossom, the bubbly girly-girl who […]

WE Magazine for Women Entrepreneurs

This month I was very blessed to be a featured woman business owner in the WE Magazine. This magazine features those that are inspiring and motivating other women to achieve their personal best in business and life. I encourage you to visit the WE Magazine site to learn more about these amazing women. The magazine also offers […]

Gender Balancing The Business World – Part 3

In this final article of a three-part series, we’ll address the last reason Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, president of 20-first, sited for businesses struggling with gender balancing their company. The first reason was Career Cycling. The second reason was Communication Styles. The third reason is Power and Political Competence. Avivah asks company leaders if they promote the people who […]

Gender Balancing the Business World – Part 2

The other day I was talking about Avivah Wittenberg-Cox’s presentation at the Chautauqua Institute entitled Gender Balancing the Business World: What is Taking so Long? Avivah, president of 20-first, has found three main reasons for the discrepancy and in Monday’s article, we talked about the Career Cycle. The second reason is about communication styles. We’ll all heard […]

Gender Balancing the Business World – Part 1 – Avivah Wittenberg Cox

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox was a guest speaker recently at the Chautauqua Institute Women’s Club. As the founder of the women’s club and owner of 20-first, the world’s leading gender consultancies, she was the perfect person to talk about the challenges women face in the business world today. Her role as a consultant is to bring to […]

Mindfulness, Balance and Nobel Prize Winner

In a recent Good Housekeeping article, Elizabeth Blackburn, Ph.D., scientist, Nobel Prize winner, and mother, talked about the importance and near-impossibility of achieving work/life balance all the time, throughout your life. “I think life balance is much better achieved over years or decades,” she says. “There are times when you are going to have to […]