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Self Doubt – What FEAR is Holding Your Career Back?

You are the verge of change; you can feel it, almost taste it and yet… Have you been in that position? You were ready to make a change; diet, exercise, education, faith, career and yet something holds you back. What holds you back? Some say that it is a fear of failure. Rather than try […]

Burned Out from Your Corporate Job?

I find there seems to be a common thread of exhaustion, stress, and frustration amoung women. I don’t know if it is weather related or seasonal but there are ways that we can take control of our feelings of burn out and turn things around in our favor. First, let’s identify the symptoms. Matt Rudmann […]

Unemployed – Ideas to Increase Your Visibility

A Purposeful Woman reader recently asked me how to fill the hours when you are in search of a new career or job.  It is an interesting question because, although there are many tasks associated with keeping on top of the job search, there are also ways you can use the time to give back […]

How Do Your Expectations Impact Your Workload?

I just received a funny, yet oh so true, email from a fan who is reading my new book  . . . .”Sometimes I look at my husband sitting in his chair, laptop in hand, while I am having three conversations with our three little girls and I wonder how he can be so blinded to the fact that all […]