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challenging work assignment

Toughing Out a Challenging Work Assignment

Not every work assignment is joyful. Sometimes you are faced with a challenging work assignment that you fear will result in failure, termination, or demotion. However, it is how we respond to these challenging work assignments that speak to our character. Often it isn’t the challenging work assignment that is stressful but rather those that […]

business sponsor

Before Seeking a Business Sponsor – Know What You Want

You’ve heard the adage “you only have one chance to make a first impression.” The same can be true when seeking a business sponsor to help you advance your career. That conversation you have with a business leader who might be the perfect “center of influence” for your future career journey is an important one. […]

relevant conversation

How a Relevant Conversation Can Change Your Direction

When was the last time you enjoyed a relevant conversation about your career trajectory with someone who understands your industry, your experience and your goals? Often we are so busy just getting through life that we rarely take the time to find someone to just talk business strategy with. And by business strategy, I mean […]

gender specific

Do Your Job Postings Sound Gender Specific?

There is a growing awareness by company leaders for the need to recruit more female professionals however, if your job openings sound gender specific, male-oriented- you will fail to attract women candidates. It may sound strange that there are words that would alienate women professionals but it is a proven fact that words like: Determined […]

coaching methods

5 Coaching Methods to Promote Women

As we seek to increase the number of women in leadership positions, businesses need to examine their coaching methods. What training, coaching and mentoring programs are available to help women advance within your company? Joelle Jay shares the importance of executive coaching in her article How to Preserve and Promote Women: More than enough evidence […]

achieve professional power

5 Ways to Achieve Professional Power to Thrive and Flourish

Do you seek to achieve professional power in your career? Statistics show that women with power are far more capable of achieving their professional goals and making a significant difference in their life and the lives of others. Striving to achieve professional power by seeking opportunities and related roles with more influence and impact can be […]

successful women in business

Successful Women in Business Lead by Example

There is something inspirational about hearing the stories, challenges and accomplishments of successful women in business. In this article I want to share a few tidbits from a variety of interviews that have inspired me. The first is from an interview with Ann Miura-Ko (@annimaniac) who is a co-founding partner at FLOODGATE where her investment interests […]

hybrid career

Are Your Prepared for a Hybrid Career?

What is a hybrid career? It is one in which your current skills and specialties are combined with a technical knowledge. Business leaders are now seeing the benefit that a strength in computer science, technology and/or coding can bring to just about any position within the company. Dr. Douglas Rushkoff is an author, teacher, and documentarian […]

The Importance of Transparency in Business

Does your company support transparency in business? I recently explored the importance of understanding the fact that for a business to expect to facilitate change, it has to come from within. Part of making that happen is to support and encourage transparency in business at all levels. As an employee, do you feel like the […]