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changeOver the past few years, my passion and mission have remained the same but the process through which I, deliver my message has grown. My new website will reflect that change and the focus on speaking, training and presenting that I am currently pursuing.

The new website has required a lot of change. Change can be many things; exhilarating, creative, thought provoking, but most of all it can be HARD.

The one thing constant in our life is change. defines change as follows:

change make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.

If you have updated your website, you can appreciate the daunting task of determining purpose, goal, audience, layout, functionality, images, content and more. It has been an educational experience for me and I am really excited to launch the new website and look forward to your comments.

The new website will continue to feature blog articles but will also offer a variety of additional resources:

  • Information about speaking engagements and programs
  • A series of video interviews: Purposeful Woman on a Mission
  • Publications
  • Business alliances

The site is designed to reach two audiences with information and resources to help both achieve their goals.

Organizations looking to:

  • Motivate & Empower Women
  • Develop Women Leaders
  • Share Strategies for Working Women
  • Inspire Women Entrepreneurs

Women planning to:

    • Get Promoted
    • Change Directions
    • Achieve a life Goal
    • Find More Balance/Joy

Change may be HARD but it isn’t a four letter word. Change leads us to new opportunities, new relationships, new challenges, and new experiences. Embrace change in your life – don’t run from it or resist it. Something as simple as changing the seat you normally select in a board meeting, riding backward on the subway or changing your lunch routine can help open your eyes to new possibilities.


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