Leadership Keynotes for Women with JJ DiGeronimo, Author and Keynote Speaker

How important is leadership to you and your organization? I wanted to bring to light some of the leadership workshops and presentations that have impacted women in the workplace!

You can review an entire list here: Leadership Programs, but here are just a few examples and what you can expect to learn. 

“JJ’s WITI presentation today was very insightful, I will definitely be building on my professional brand this year and following many of  her  suggestions (if not all of them).” Melody Ribeiro

Leadership & Career Advancement

  • Accelerate Your Impact & Influence
  • Increase Your Professional Relevance
  • Making the Most of Mentors & Sponsors
  • Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path
  • The Working Woman’s GPS
  • Networking with Purpose and Impact
  • Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Work

Recruiting Women

  • Effective Strategies to Recruit Women
  • Finding New Pockets of Diverse Talent
  • Increase Diverse Talent from the Inside Out


  • Increasing Thought Diversity & Sponsorship
  • Advancing Professional Women
  • Developing & Advancing Diverse Leaders

JJ is a terrific speaker! Women, in particular, can really relate to what she is saying as she draws on her experiences and observations. –Sarah Vojtek, Manager of KNOW (Knowledgeable Network of Women)


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