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Making the Most of an Opportunity

Often we are faced with an unexpected opportunity; a chance to meet with someone we admire, to ask the panel a pointed question, to put our name forward for a special project. The question becomes; how do we handle the opportunity? Norma Rist, an award winning entrepreneur and business coach of million dollar business owners, […]

Lateral Moves- Forget Ladders it is a Jungle Gym

Since we were young women in the workforce we were familiar with the phrase “climbing the corporate ladder.” We knew that this meant moving in our career from entry level to a position of power and leadership. Like a ladder, the trip was supposed to be ever upwardly mobile. And since we believed up was […]

10 Career Potholes to Avoid

This past week I was a guest on Live on Lakeside talking about potholes that we should avoid in business.  Here is a link to the Career Potholes video with the complete interview. In a nutshell, here are the ten things to avoid: Declining key networking events where you might meet influential or interesting people […]

Create a Plan for Future Career Advancement

I find that many women that focus solely on their to-do list are not always the first choice for promotions. If you want to get ahead in the workplace it does take time and a plan. It is helpful to think about it as you do a project: outlining current situation, future desire and a roadmap to […]