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Social Media – Do You Maximize Online Relationships?

Social media provides many opportunities to connect strategically and consistently. Here are just a few suggestions for how to make the most of those social media contacts:       Keep your profile current: use a professional picture of yourself – not your company logo, a picture from vacation or an Avatar. Post your expertise and […]

Unemployed – Ideas to Increase Your Visibility

A Purposeful Woman reader recently asked me how to fill the hours when you are in search of a new career or job.  It is an interesting question because, although there are many tasks associated with keeping on top of the job search, there are also ways you can use the time to give back […]

How JJ DiGeronimo Use LinkedIn to Advance Her Professional Impact

As a woman in high tech and an entrepreneur, I have used Linkedin for years as a valuable tool for career and business enhancement. I have found that it can: ** help publish a book ** expand my professional network ** create peer groups ** locate great candidates for key positions ** query experts ** build […]

Who is In Your Circle?

The greatest asset we can have in business is a strong Circle of Influence. There are many definitions, however, I’m thinking of the definition from Steven Covey: We have heard that old saying, “You are judged by the company you keep.” That saying is important in our business life and our personal life. Who you […]