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Tech Savvy Women

“Computing is too important to be left to men,:” is a humorous quote offered to us by Karen Spärck Jones, Professor of Computers and Information at Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Spärck Jones was a vocal advocate for women in computing and technology; she introduced the concept of inverse document frequency (IDF) used by most search engines today. […]

Project Management – 5 Lessons

I recently saw a quote floating around Twitter about the negative aspect of pulling the ladder up behind you as you crash through the glass ceiling. I commented at the time about the importance of paying it forward and mentoring girls and women along the way. In an effort to continue that thought process, I […]

How JJ DiGeronimo Use LinkedIn to Advance Her Professional Impact

As a woman in high tech and an entrepreneur, I have used Linkedin for years as a valuable tool for career and business enhancement. I have found that it can: ** help publish a book ** expand my professional network ** create peer groups ** locate great candidates for key positions ** query experts ** build […]