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Forbes Features JJ DiGeronimo: Women in Tech

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Leo King, a reporter for Forbes specializing in cutting-edge technology. We talked about the world of technology and the woman’s role in its advancement. We discussed where women are currently in the leadership of technology and how companies might diversify their staff to include more women. This […]

Women in Space – Impactful Women in Aerospace and Beyond

Guest Post courtesy of Jeanna Heeraman, Digital Executive, Builtvisible For a long time now the global industry has suffered from a noticeable imbalance between men and women in STEM-related fields, in particular, engineering and aerospace. The discrepancies in numbers do not just start at working age; with many fewer women, in general, studying STEM-related subjects at school and […]

Attention CIOs – Do You have Women in Leadership Positions?

As a long time business professional in the IT environment, I find that women are still struggling to advance in the industry. In an effort to assist, I offer a few suggestions for CIOs interested in promoting women into IT leadership roles within their company and helping women to feel a valued part of their […]