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JJ DiGeronimo

Award-Winning Author, Keynote Speaker,                   & Tech Savvy Women Founder

With more than 20 years of experience in industry, JJ has learned firsthand that securing that next position, a board seat, or even starting a new initiative often requires women to enhance their relevance, establish new sponsors, and expand their network.

JJ is recognized as a thought-leader for Women in the Workplace, Women in Tech and Girls in STEM.   JJ is called on to empower professional women and consult executive men on strategies to retain and advance women in the workplace.

"JJ is a terrific speaker! Women in particular can really relate to what she is saying as she draws on her experiences and observations."
Sarah Vojtek
KNOW (Knowledgeable Network of Women)

The Path to Accelerating Your Impact

Keynote Speaker

As a women in business expert and best-selling author, JJ delivers inspiring discussions with action-based strategies for women (and men) who are aspiring to increase their leadership and impact. Her topics are ideal for Corporate Women’s Groups, Diversity & Inclusion meetings, and Managers & Recruiters looking to increase gender diversity and inclusion.


"When she talks I listen! Forbes does too."

Accelerate your Impact - Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path - JJ DiGeronimo

Accelerate Your Impact

Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path

Many professional women aspire to advance their careers. Yet many encounter a sea of obstacles because they don’t have “the playbook” to navigate corporate cultures and organizational landscapes. In this book, JJ shares real-life examples of women leaders and the stumbles and successes their journey has encountered on their way to their perfect position.

See JJ in Action

The Working Woman’s GPS

When the Plan to Have It All Leads You Astray

Are you plodding along stuck in the same old patterns? Has your energy up and left? Are you overworked and overcommitted? Do you let fear keep you from taking the very risk that could energize your life? JJ DiGeronimo realized that during her pursuit to achieve society’s plan for women she was led astray from her best self. She then initiated a life evaluation that effectively enabled her to recalculate her course. In this must-read book, JJ shares her story and the stories of many women who have worked through their plan to have it ALL!

The Working Woman's GPS - When the Plan to Have It All Leads You Astray - JJ DiGeronimo

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