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Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path

Many women desire more influence and impact, but often struggle to find the time, support, and alignment necessary to make their desires a reality. Securing that next position, a board seat, or even starting a new initiative often requires women to enhance their brand, align to specific projects, and strategically expand their network of career catalysts. 

JJ DiGeronimo helps women, with a focus on tech and other male-dominated careers, accelerate their goals with proven strategies that work at all stages of their career.


Strategies to empower women at work and in life.


Effective leadership and inclusion strategies that retain, develop and advance professional women.


Service-based retreats for professional women looking to tap into more purpose and impact.

Online Courses

Action-based strategies designed to help professional women move forward and create the impact they desire.

Award-winning author, national keynote speaker and president of Tech Savvy women.

JJ DiGeronimo, President of Tech Savvy Women, is one of the most highly regarded speakers, authors and executive strategists to attract, retain, and advance professional women. She navigated her way from entry-level positions to top-level leadership roles within leading technology companies and now shares the strategies and insights that helped her accelerate her career with her audiences.

As a featured columnist for Smart Business Magazine and Thrive Global, JJ has been quoted in numerous publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, The Glass Hammer, and Working Women Magazine. She shares her insights and discoveries with many corporations and women’s organizations across the nation, tapping into her experience to forge a meaningful connection with every audience.

Tech Savvy Women

A global community of women that come together to learn, share and advance their professional journey in technology and related industries.

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Award Winning Books

Accelerate your Impact - Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path - JJ DiGeronimo

“A must read for anyone feeling stuck in their career.”

Known as the “playbook for professional women”, Accelerate Your Impact contains a series of proven initiatives that high impact men and women leverage to accelerate their professional paths.

The Working Woman's GPS - When the Plan to Have It All Leads You Astray - JJ DiGeronimo

“If you’re a woman struggling with where you are and where you want to be this book might just be the clarity you seek.”

Through a collection of stories, exercises, and advice, JJ DiGeronimo helps women rediscover their own journey and bring energy, wisdom, and inspiration back into their lives. In this engaging book, she invites readers to envision and become the women they are supposed to be.

The Working Woman's GPS - When the Plan to Have It All Leads You Astray - JJ DiGeronimo

From self-efficacy to self-boundaries, from asking for a raise to landing a board seat to maneuvering guilt, this podcast offers a series of proven initiatives for women looking to accelerate their professional paths. As many have already learned, much of what happens on the outside starts on the inside. So don’t be surprised if we chat about mindfulness, mediation, and ancient practices too!

The Career Strategies for Women that Work Podcast creates a safe place to learn, explore and identify what is no longer serving us with opportunities to unleash our inner knowing to illuminate our next level of impact. Through personal anecdotes, examples, and stories from those who have stumbled, fallen, and succeeded, this podcast shares insight to focus on specific actions to maximizes your talents and make your professional goals a reality.

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