The Working Woman's GPS - When the Plan to Have It All Leads You Astray - JJ DiGeronimo

The Working Woman's GPS

When the Plan to Have It All Leads You Astray

A perfect book for working women with young children or expecting!


"JJ DiGeronimo’s book is a must have!"

JJ DiGeronimo’s book “The Working Woman’s GPS” truly inspired me. I too wanted it “all”. I thought I had it “all” when domestic violence completely altered my life’s path. I am now a divorced, single Mom in need of direction in my life. JJ’s book helped me to realize many things about myself and the direction I want to take my life. Her inventories are very helpful and her positivity shines throughout her book. With her wonderful guidance, she makes you realize that sometimes life can take us in a direction we are not happy with, but with a little thought/work on our part, it is possible to reach our dreams and achieve happiness/contentment in our lives. This book is a must have for all women – reading it can truly give us new insight and a new energy towards life.


"A Must Read for Women!"

Wow – JJ has done an amazing job of laying out simple tools to help all of us women get back on track to living a fulfilling life!! I highly recommend this book to ALL women – those working, those managing a household, and those with multiple facets going on at once. Her simple strategies have helped me get more focused and living a “leaner”, and easier, life!!

"If you’re a mom and working outside the home, struggling with keeping it all going, this book is for you."
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"A Must Read for busy Moms!"

Are you plodding along stuck in the same-old patterns? Has your energy up and left? Are you overworked and overcommitted? Do you let fear keep you from taking the very risk that could energize your life?


JJ DiGeronimo realized that during her pursuit to achieve society’s plan for women she was led astray from her best self. She then initiated a life evaluation that effectively enabled her to recalculate her course.


Inside A Working Woman’s GPS: When the Plan to Have it All Leads You Astray, DiGeronimo shares her story and the stories of many women who have worked through their Plan to have it ALL. Through a collection of stories, exercises, and advice, DiGeronimo helps women rediscover their own journey and bring energy, wisdom, and inspiration back into their lives. In this engaging book, DiGeronimo invites readers to envision and become the women they are supposed to be.






Meet the Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend . . . JJ DiGeronimo

Striving to be a successful working woman, wife, mother, sister, friend, and daughter may make you feel overworked and overcommitted as JJ DiGeronimo did. Her burning desire to achieve the ALL by moving in the direction of perceived success was more empty and unfilling.
With the help of many women ahead of her, JJ DiGeronimo initiated a list of best practices, charts and insights to redesign her ALL. Empowered by the energy, wisdom and inspiration collected from hundreds of women, DiGeronimo shares this wisdom with all women.

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Envision and become the woman you were supposed to be!