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Career Strategies for Women that Work

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Many professional women aspire to advance their careers. Yet, many encounter common obstacles when navigating the landscape both at work and at home. From corporate cultures to internal chatter, high impact women are often searching for proven and actionable strategies to make their goals a reality.

With firsthand experience in demanding roles while juggling the numerous demands outside of work, JJ DiGeronimo, a woman in tech turned award-winning author for working women, shares some of her best strategies to empower women at work and in life right here.

From self-efficacy to self-boundaries, from asking for a raise to landing a board seat to maneuvering guilt, this podcast offers a series of proven initiatives for women looking to accelerate their professional paths. As many have already learned, much of what happens on the outside starts on the inside. So don’t be surprised if we chat about mindfulness, mediation, and ancient practices too!

My goal with Career Strategies for Women that Work is to create safe places to learn, explore and identify what is no longer serving us with opportunities to unleash our inner knowing to illuminate our next level of impact. Through personal anecdotes, examples, and stories from those who have stumbled, fallen, and succeeded, this podcast shares insight to focus on specific actions to maximizes your talents and make your professional goals a reality.

Episodes, Show Notes Podcast Club Questions & Free Career Worksheets

  • Episode 1: Moving Beyond Burnout Empowering Yourself from the Inside Out
  • Episode 2Aligning Your Yeses, Work, and Energy for Your Next Level of Impact *Includes 4 Page Worksheet*
  • Episode 3: Leaping from Impostor Syndrome to More Self-Efficacy
  • Episode 4: 5 Things You Need to Know to Get Promoted Beyond Good Work *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 5: Do You Give Your Power Away at Work?  *Includes Questions for Women’s Groups*
  • Episode 6: Strategically Sharing Your Accomplishments *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 7: Solo Trips – Creating Space for You
  • Episode 8: Why Women Need Mentors & Sponsors at Work *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 9: Sidestepping Self-Doubt *Includes Fear Chart*
  • Episode 10: Creating Relevance to Bridge Your Professional Gaps *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 11: Unlocking Inspiration at Work – 5 Energizing Tips
  • Episode 12: Untapped Career Insights –  Human Design, Enneagram & Birth Charts
  • Episode 13: Are Your Talents Still Buried? *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 14:  Asking for A Raise – 10 Proven Steps to Prepare  *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 15: 5 Wins from Every No
  • Episode 16: Are You Working On Your Career? Or Only In Your Career? *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 17: Perfectionism is a Trap
  • Episode 18: Who Is Influencing Your Career & Life? *Influence Chart*
  • Episode 19: Feeling Depleted? Tap into Your Fuel Stations
  • Episode 20: Are you Ready to Add Board of Director to your Resume?  *Free Board Chapter*
  • Episode 21: What Stories Are Holding You Back?
  • Episode 22: Career Questions to Ask with Remote Roles & Hybrid Jobs *Download Article*
  • Episode 23: What should you STOP Doing to START Thriving?
  • Episode 24: Is Your Perception Impacting Your Outlook?
  • Episode 25:  Let Your Next Level of Impact Begin
  • Episode 26: Are You Aligned to the Right Projects? *Download Chart*
  • Episode 27: Lateral Moves – 6 Career Benefits
  • Episode 28: Human Design Can Help You Avoid Career Burnout with Shannon McAlister  *Human Design Types Chart* 
  • Episode 29: Feeling Guilty? Tools to Manage the Guilt
  • Episode 30: How to Say “No” At Work
  • Episode 31: Using Fear As A Force with Dawna Jones
  • Episode 32: 7 Lessons From A Recovering Overachiever with Karen Mangia
  • Episode 33: Powerful Words – 5 Shifts to Harness Your Power
  • Episode 34: Self-Worth & Negotiation at Work with Martha Aviles
  • Episode 35: Micro-Dosing Bravery to Expand Your Resilience with Dr. Kristen Lee
  • Episode 36: Are You Searching for More? You are Not Alone!
  • Episode 37: Women & Leadership Is What Called Me to Write Book #3: Seeking
  • Episode 38: How Women at Work Can Leverage the Double-Bind” with Lorraine Hamilton
  • Episode 39: Overcoming 3 Common Blind Spots of Women in the Workplace with Brenda Wensil
  • Episode 40: Creating Your Own Yes with JJ DiGeronimo
  • Episode 41: How You Think Is How You Lead with New Leader Expert Ramona Shaw
  • Episode 42: When In Doubt, Delete It Chellie Phillips
  • Episode 43: Glimpses of Your Life’s Work
  • Episode 44: Don’t Downplay Your Leadership or Brilliance with Alicia Jabbar
  • Episode 45: Establishing Influence at Work with Kristen Zavo
  • Episode 46: How Do Women Step into Power on Purpose with Carolyn Buck-Luce
  • Episode 47: 3 Reasons You Need to Reframe Your Self-Talk with Kelli Thompson
  • Episode 48: 3 BS Blocks that are Messing With Your Career with Jill Griffin
  • Episode 49: How to Ensure You’re NOT Leaving Money on the Table with Claudia Miller
  • Episode 50: Thriving Through Career Transitions with Meredith Persily
  • Episode 51: ERGs – Enhance the Impact of Women at Work with Laura Weldy
  • Episode 52: Wrangling Your Thoughts: A Quick Exercise for Lasso Your Energy
  • Episode 53: PTO Guilt: The Struggle is Real, But So is the Need for a Break!
  • Episode 54: Shifting & Signing Off – Let’s Seek Together!