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Why I Started Tech Savvy Women?​

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I hosted my first Tech Savvy Women event in 2008 with just 12 women. It was something I needed for years, but it took me almost 2 years to get the guts to plan the first gathering.

Today, it’s a thriving LinkedIn community with almost 10,000 members from all over the world.

I started Tech Savvy Women after having kids and realizing that I needed to find a way to balance my career aspirations with my family life. I was shocked at that time that there were not more conversations or even cliff notes for working women to keep everything going in the right direction without losing themselves!

During the early gatherings, I invited women in tech to share their best practices and advice, and those nuggets quickly became a valuable resource for women who were looking to balance their lives and choices that I carefully crafted in my first book, The Working Woman’s GPS.

This has the catalysts for two more books, and today, I’m a frequent speaker for women in tech, women in business, and girls in STEM. I share key career strategies to help women accelerate their careers, align with sponsors, create meaning in work and life, and create a path to board seats and executive positions.

I’m passionate about helping women achieve their full potential, and I believe that Tech Savvy Women is a valuable resource for women who are looking to advance their careers.

If you’re a woman in tech, I invite you to join the Tech Savvy Women community on LinkedIn. It’s a great place to connect with other women in tech, learn from their experiences, and get the support you need to succeed.

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With great momentum to date, we home you too will join the conversations, events, and other activities to engage, promote and propel women in tech and related careers forward.  Click to join us today!

Girls in Stem

Tech Savvy Women is Committed to Supporting & Empowering Girls in Tech

It’s no secret that careers in technology offer women exciting and challenging opportunities as well as a higher earning potential. The need for trained STEM professionals is expected to exceed the number of eligible candidates in upcoming years. Because of this, girls in STEM will be offered a wide spectrum of career opportunities.

There are countless tech savvy women are participating in STEM initiatives aimed towards young leaders around the country. As a result, many professional women have already made an amazing impact on young women considering college degrees and future careers.

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Popular Podcast for Women

Many professional women aspire to advance their careers. Yet, many encounter common obstacles when navigating the landscape both at work and at home. From corporate cultures to internal chatter, high-impact women are often searching for proven and actionable strategies to make their goals a reality.

With firsthand experience in demanding roles while juggling the numerous demands outside of work, JJ DiGeronimo, a woman in tech turned award-winning author for working women, shares some of her best strategies to empower women at work and in life right here.

From self-efficacy to self-boundaries, from asking for a raise to landing a board seat to maneuvering guilt, this podcast offers a series of proven initiatives for women looking to accelerate their professional paths. As many have already learned, much of what happens on the outside starts on the inside. So don’t be surprised if we chat about mindfulness, meditation, and ancient practices too!

My goal with Career Strategies for Women that Work is to create safe places to learn, explore, and identify what is no longer serving us with opportunities to unleash our inner knowing to illuminate our next level of impact. Through personal anecdotes, examples, and stories from those who have stumbled, fallen, and succeeded, this podcast shares insight to focus on specific actions to maximize your talents and make your professional goals a reality.

Click Episode Below for Show Notes, Podcast Questions & Worksheets

  • Episode 1: Moving Beyond Burnout with Perspective, Focus & Gratitude
  • Episode 2: Aligning Your Yeses for Your Next Level of Impact *Includes 4 Page Worksheet*
  • Episode 3: Leaping from Impostor Syndrome to More Self-Efficacy
  • Episode 4: 5 Things You Need to Know to Get Promoted Beyond Good Work *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 5: Do You Give Your Power Away at Work?  *Includes Questions for Women’s Groups*
  • Episode 6: Strategically Sharing Your Accomplishments *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 7: Solo Trips – Creating Space for You
  • Episode 8: Why Women Need Mentors & Sponsors at Work *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 9: Sidestepping Self-Doubt *Includes Fear Chart*
  • Episode 10: Creating Relevance to Bridge Your Professional Gaps *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 11: Unlocking Inspiration at Work – 5 Energizing Tips
  • Episode 12: Untapped Career Insights –  Human Design, Enneagram & Birth Charts
  • Episode 13: Are Your Talents Still Buried? *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 14:  Asking for A Raise – 10 Proven Steps to Prepare  *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 15: 5 Wins from Every No
  • Episode 16: Are You Working On Your Career? Or Only In Your Career? *Includes Worksheet*
  • Episode 17: Perfectionism is a Trap
  • Episode 18: Who Is Influencing Your Career & Life? *Influence Chart*
  • Episode 19: Feeling Depleted? Tap into Your Fuel Stations
  • Episode 20: Are you Ready to Add Board of Director to your Resume?  *Free Board Chapter*
  • Episode 21: What Stories are Holding You Back?
  • Episode 22: Career Questions to Ask with Remote Roles & Hybrid Jobs *Download Article*
  • Episode 23: What should you STOP Doing to START Thriving?
  • Episode 24: Is Your Perception Impacting Your Outlook?
  • Episode 25:  Let Your Next Level of Impact Begin
  • Episode 26: Are You Aligned to the Right Projects? *Download Chart*
  • Episode 27: Lateral Moves – 6 Career Benefits
  • Episode 28: Human Design Can Help You Avoid Career Burnout with Shannon McAlister  *Human Design Types Chart* 
  • Episode 29: Feeling Guilty? Tools to Manage the Guilt
  • Episode 30: How to Say “No” At Work
  • Episode 31: Using Fear As A Force with Dawna Jones
  • Episode 32: 7 Lessons From A Recovering Overachiever with Karen Mangia

Articles for Women in Tech

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