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This Month Together We Seek empowered Women for Agriculture and Farming Businesses, selecting 5 women that needed $25-125 to reach the amount of their loan to get started!

Esther is 35 years old. She is married with three children below the age of 18 years. She has a crop farming business growing onions and potatoes.

She have been in this business for the last three years. On a monthly basis, she earns an average profit of KES. 10,000. She has applied for a KES. 31,350 loan with Vision Fund Kenya. She will be using the loan to buy farm inputs, such as fertilizer, and will use the anticipated profit to pay school fees for her children.

Nenita is 62 years old and has two children.

She is in the agricultural business of fattening pigs in the Philippines. Nenita requested a 15,000 PHP loan through NWTF to buy sacks of feed, piglets, and other supplies for raising her pigs. She has been in this business for 12 years now.

Mamerta is 66 years old and married with children.

She runs a vegetable vending business in the Philippines and requested a PHP 10,000 loan through NWTF to buy fruits and vegetables to sell on her food stall.

Patricia, from the Wote area of Kenya, is a mother with a good ability to balance parenting and farming. She is happily married and has always fought to care for her family as the key breadwinner. She will always do everything to prevent her children from going to bed hungry.

Patricia was not lucky enough to go to college or get professional training in agriculture, but through her knowledge and skills in farming, she is able to provide meals for her family. She has 10 years experience in farming.

Patricia has gained much experience, and all the farming techniques are at her fingertips. She practices mixed farming (dairy, animal and crop). With her profits, she has taken care of her family’s needs.

Patricia is requesting this loan to buy seeds, fertilizers and chemicals to improve the quality of her farming. She wants to take advantage of various conditions such as favorable weather patterns, a good road network in her village, good soil and a ready market for farm products to reap more profits. By the end of this year, she hopes she will escalate her earnings and operate at great heights in all aspects of her life.

Wonderful people, meet Susan, aged 65. She is a woman who has had to pass through a series of failures in her life but has overcome the ups and downs. Having been raised in a poor, rural home, she was never lucky enough to secure admission to a higher learning institution. However, she learned farming skills from her parents, and she is a animals and crop farmer.

Susan is requesting a loan to build modern animal and farm structures. Through the loan, her animals will have a good place to relax and never be affected by the harsh climatic conditions, and hence will improve their production.