Action-based strategies designed to help professional women move forward and create the impact they desire.
The Power of No Bundle - JJ DiGeronimo

The Power of No Bundle

If you want to get to the next step in your career and life, you have to change how and where you spend your time each day. The proven strategies inside the Power of No Bundle will quickly help you maximize your time and align you towards your desired goals. 

Mentors and sponsors are critical to your career development; they can help you achieve your professional goals faster and easier than you’d be able to do on your own.

Preparing for these conversations can help you organize your thoughts, articulate your value, and increase your confidence. Take the time to maximize these conversations and build these professional relationships.

Your Vision, Your FuturE

Now is your time for you to explore your vision, your future, and your daydreams. In this course, you’ll find an exclusive video interview, a list of questions I have crafted to help you envision your future and a copy of my vision board with notes on why I selected each photo and image. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your visions!

How Successful Women Network for Professional Growth - JJ DiGeronimo

How Successful Women Network for Professional Growth

Your network can help you get from where you are right now to where you want to be. Do you know how to tap into your sphere of influence and leverage it to the best advantage? This 15-minute online discussion goes beyond business cards and LinkedIn connections to share practical advice and strategies you can start implementing by the end of the day to help you achieve your professional goals faster, easier, and more efficiently.

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Retreats for Professional Women

Surrounded by Mother Nature and like-minded professional women, Together We Seek Retreats create a space for women to come together to explore, experience and connect. Disconnect for the weekend and invest in yourself with ancient practices, alternative medicine technique, storytelling, and meaningful conversations. These retreats are strategically created to explore new areas, learn from various practitioners, and partake in wholesome meals from local culinary talents. Join us as we explore, discuss and embark together on new levels of awareness and leave the weekend feeling refreshed, energized, and inspired.

How to Build Your Brand for the Job You Want - JJ DiGeronimo

How to Build Your Brand for the Job You Want

The How to Build Your Brand for the Job You Want was originally an eCourse and then a keynote designed to help women align their brand with their professional goals. But with great feedback and interest, I converted the effective strategies into a playbook book for professional women to enhancing their brand in and out of the workplace but also illuminate their career pave for the future. In this 5-star award-winning book, you’ll learn action-based steps to align your brand with where you desired to have an impact next along with much more!

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