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"When she talks, I listen. Forbes does, too."

Words of praise and honest reviews from event planners, attendees, and professionals.  

“I can’t tell you the number of times the words, ‘As JJ said…’, ‘As I learned from JJ’s presentation’, came up over the last day and a half! You clearly made an impact on us all, and helped many of us realize we could be doing more to focus on relevance to accelerate our influence.”

Divya Venkataraman

Rockwell Automation

“STEM seriously would not have been the same without you.”

Kathleen Bias

STEMCon 2015, Outreach Coordinator at Concept Schools

“JJ added such warmth and fun to a bleak January day when she spoke to our Glass Ceiling Group at Cuyahoga Heights High School. The ‘real life’ information JJ presented to the girls was invaluable! The life lessons she shared with the girls were things I wished I had known at a much younger age. I watched the girls’ faces as JJ spoke and I know they were really taking in her words.”


Career Specialist Cuyahoga Heights High School

“You are great business leader, Shero, and example for women on how to be happy and successful.”

Deb Loeser

Women’s Business Center and Michigan Women’s Marketplace Manager

“Loved hearing your speech and story. I’m a recent graduate, and I enjoyed hearing the things you talked about & will definitely take in what you spoke on to better myself and my career. Looking forward to reading your books & gaining mroe knowledge.”

Katrina K.

“I found JJ’s presentation to be inspiring. The content around leadership, networking and professionalism was shared from a personal perspective of lessons learned and was complimentary to learning technical and relational skills needed as a fund raising professional. As an older professional, it was refreshing to hear the questions of younger conference participants and JJ’s response. She kept the audience engaged and we were inspired as she delivered an energizing workshop.”


Association of Fundraising Professionals Cleveland

“When she talks I listen! Forbes does too.”​


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KeynoteS & TOPICS

Here are some of JJ’s most sought after speech topics & actionable takeaways.

Are you working ON your Career or only IN your Career?

Duration: 45-90 Mins

Audience: Professionals – geared toward women but men often attend

Topics Covered: Sponsorship, Self-Efficacy, Self-Doubt, Promotion Paths, and Project Alignment

In her work and travels, JJ DiGeronimo, award-winning author, has found that many women in business are so busy working in their careers that they do not have time to work on their careers.  The sad truth is: Working hard and delivering results within your current role does not guarantee future opportunities or impact, especially today. 

Of course, for some, opportunities and promotions appear, but for many, it takes more than just great results in your current role.

The good news: With today’s access to information, people, and groups, there are easy yet actionable strategies to elevate your relevance, brand, and sponsorships to influence and accelerate your professional goals. Prioritizing the right activities will create the foundation to accelerate your future influence and impact.

Join JJ for a memorable keynote as she shares insight and strategies reinforced by industry research to empower women to level up their careers.

Professionals who attend this session will gain:

  • Strategies to align your actions for future impact.
  • Techniques to identify common distractions and boundaries.
  • Tools to evaluate future projects and requests.


Testimonials: http://jjdigeronimo.com/programs/testimonials/



Free Chapters from Accelerate your impact: Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path – http://jjdigeronimo.com/accelerateyourimpact-free-chapters


  • Career Strategies, Self Efficacy, Sponsorship

Accelerate Your Impact

Duration: 45-120 mins

Audience: Professional women and Leadership Groups (10+ years)

Topic focus:  Women in leadership, career advancement, self-worth, alignment, authenticity, confidence, sponsorship, and executive exposure


As research shows, the business benefits of having more women at more tables are undeniable.

JJ DiGeronimo, award-winning author and former tech leader, answers the question all women want to know, How do we get there?

Many professional women desire more influence and impact but often struggle to find the time and alignment necessary to make their desires a reality.  With these same desires, JJ spent years researching successful women and men to learn the specific actions they took to advance their careers and navigate a path to success.

Get ready to supercharge your career with JJ’s interactive keynote. She shares proven insights highlighting easy, yet actional strategies for experienced women in business to accelerate their professional journey. Dive deep into the subject matter in round table discussions exchanging experiences with other women who also desire more. JJ provokes enthusiasm for your career and shines a light on opportunities to enhance your path. Throughout her career, she learned that securing that next position, a board seat, or even starting a new initiative often requires professionals to enhance their brand, align to specific projects, and strategically expand their network. 

This keynote is based on her six-time, award-winning book:  Accelerate your Impact: Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path, which is a professional playbook that empowers women of all ages to step into their goals while positioning themselves for their next level of impact!

Professional Women who attend this session will gain

  • Techniques of self-awareness for professional advancement.
  • Tools to increase your relevance based on your desired areas of impact.
  • Strategies to bundle your professional impact.
  • Actions to create impact in your current role while positioning for future opportunities


Testimonials: http://jjdigeronimo.com/programs/testimonials/

Program Resources:

JJ’s Award-Winning Books can be included as a tool for attendees to follow along!




  • Work Impact, Sponsorship, Women in Leadership, Career Strategies

Aligning with Your Life’s Work

Duration:  45-90 Mins

Audience: Professional Women, all ages

Topic Focus: Self-doubt, The “I Shoulds” of Success, Fear of Failure, & Breaking Away from Perfectionism


Many of us know we have a bigger purpose than the one we are living.

Through JJ’s professional journey, she discovered that many women are experiencing some level of misalignment because they’re working on projects or tolerating relationships that are draining their good energy and often preventing them from unleashing their life’s work.

Many people assume that when you are successful or get to a certain level at work or in life, you’ll experience a sense of bliss. However, after interviewing professional women, many had moments of joy, but most had more hours, days, and years of feeling less than good enough, doubting their purpose and impact.

This keynote is based on her third book, Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work, where JJ unpacks the strategies that helped her infuse more purpose and meaning into her work and life.

Let’s take time to define a misaligned purpose and how this may be showing up in your life today. We will explore strategies for unleashing your potential and tapping into your inner wisdom to empower yourself to achieve true alignment in your life from within.

The next step toward your life’s work is often right inside you.

Professionals who attend this keynote will have the opportunity to gain:

  • Understanding of common obstacles that hinder our alignment.
  • Strategies to identify your whispers and energize your work.
  • Ideas on how to explore your desires while still working.


Testimonials: http://jjdigeronimo.com/programs/testimonials/

Program Resources:JJ’s Award-Winning Books can be included as a tool for attendees to follow along!




  • Alignment, Self-Doubt, Purpose, Success, Life’s Work

An Executive Session – 5 Strategies to Sponsor More Women into Leadership Positions

Audience: Experienced Leaders, HR, Male Executives, Talent Managers, Board of Directors
Duration: 30-60 Mins
Other Titles for this session:

  • Talent Talk, D&I Round Table or Diverse Leadership Strategies
  • Talent Strategies for DEI


  • Advancing women into leadership and executive positions within your organization
  • Cultivating a culture inclusive to women in leadership and executive roles


If you are like most organizations, finding the right talent is a critical initiative. Navigating the changing market today is expensive and time-consuming, making the process much more intentional.

With the known benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion, many executives and Boards of Directors are recognizing the importance of educating existing leaders to hire, retain and advance diverse talent within their teams, projects, or departments.

For leaders looking to increase gender diversity across departments,  there are proven tools and techniques to maximize their efforts to enhance their ability to attract and retain employees, increase business performance and productivity and service an increasingly diverse customer base.

JJ DiGeronimo, an award-winning author for professional women, shares action-based strategies with leaders and male executives interested in retaining and advancing women within their organizations. With over 20 years of experience in high tech, JJ brings forward obstacles and solutions based on research to executive teams focused on cultivating gender-diverse momentum to increase their business impact.

Join this session to discuss your challenges and opportunities to foster women leadership within your teams, companies, and industries. 

Professionals who attend this session will gain insight into

  • Specific examples to engage women and their distinct perspectives.
  • Importance of team dynamics with project allocation.
  • Self-efficacy insights from employee engagement. 
  • Leading with purposeful actions to create career catalysts for recruiting and promotions.


Strategies to Sponsor Women at Work Related Articles written by JJ DiGeronimo

  • Company promotion lenses may vary by gender, Smart Business Magazine
  • How to draw the attention of diverse professionals for your open positions, Smart Business
  • Driving Business Benefits with Thought-Diverse Teams, Smart Business
  • What types of corporate cultures foster thought diversity?, Smart Business


Strategies to Sponsor Women at Work on LinkedIn [https://www.linkedin.com/in/jjdigeronimo]:

  • Are You Creating Career Roadblocks by Neglecting To Share Your Business Value?
  • Lead From Where You Are Now – Despite Your Title, Age, or Hesitation
  • Getting Ahead of “I Quit” Due to Workplace Bullies
  • Is Project Allocation a Strategic Stimulus to Retain & Advance Talent?
  • Does the Promotion Lens Vary in Your Organization?
  • Your Middle Managers Hold Gems for Your Diversity Strategies
  • Do You Have Career Sponsors & Catalysts?
  • Tapping into the diverse talent that has tapped out
  • Is Comfort Recruiting Influencing Your Talent Acquisition Strategies
  • Recruiting Women in Tech? Words Matter


  • DEI, Gender Strategies, Diverse, Leadership, Sponsorship

Duration:  30-60 Mins

Audience: Professional Men & Women

Topic Focus: Mindfulness, Time Management, Guilt, Alignment, Self-empowerment & Impact


Yes. Sure. OK. Yes, I can do that. No Problem. I have it handled. 

No matter which way you say it, the many commitments you accept may be preventing you from reaching your goals.

How many “yeses” do you think you say in a day, a week, a month, or a year?

JJ, an award-winning author, is a woman on a mission to support YOU to live a life filled with joy, purpose, and impact. But how does she do it all? By using a powerful framework that she applies every day to cultivate meaningful experiences.

Through an engaging keynote, she shares her simple, yet powerful framework that has transformed women’s impact and mindsets for over a decade!

If you are a woman or man, yearning for authentic strategies to experience more joy while harnessing your unique gifts to reach your desired goals, this session is for you!

JJ brings her active mindfulness practice to every aspect of her life as an author, podcaster, retreat director, and community leader and shares her first-hand experience. And the results speak for themselves – she’s exceeded her professional goals and found a deep sense of fulfillment along the way.

Professionals who attend this session will have the opportunity to gain:

  • A proven framework to align your schedule with your future goals.
  • Actionable strategies to infuse purpose and impact in your work.
  • Steps to manifest the work you desire with confidence and alignment.
  • Exclusive access to best practices from like-minded attendees.


Testimonials: http://jjdigeronimo.com/programs/testimonials/


Supporting Program Resources:


Thrive Global Publications:

  • Fiercely Intercept your internal chatter to advance your career goals, Thrive Global, April 2018
  • Actions that Are Redefining my Metrics of Success, Thrive Global, Feb. 2018
  • A Woman’s Solo Trip to Sedona, Az., Thrive Global Dec 2017
  • Where is the JOY?? The Excitement? The Fun? Rescued By Mindfulness – A Journey to Joy, Thrive Global Oct. 2018
  • Together We Seek, Professional Women, Energy Sessions, Organic Food, and Lots of Lasting Connections, Thrive Global July 2, 2018



  • Mindfulness, Educational, Informative, Purpose, Life Lessons

The Whispers within Your Work

Duration:  30-120 Mins

Audience: Women Professionals

Topic Focus: Self-Empowerment, Alignment, Fuel Stations, Perfectionism


Many of us have ups and downs, sidesteps and restarts in our careers and lives.

JJ’s career was no different.  She had the typical twists and turns, lessons and triumphs.

Yet, as she advanced in her career, she did not anticipate the whispers of uncertainty and the desire to seek beyond her to-do list.

Get ready to gain the insights that inspired JJ, a persistent woman who refused to settle for the external measures of success in her career and life.

She started seeking off the side of her desk by launching a women’s group in 2008. As that quickly grew,  she started writing her first book filled with inspiring strategies for working moms with young children in 2011. The whispers intensified, and she continued to feel the pull towards something more, leading her to write a second book in 2016. This six-time award-winning book promoted action-based strategies for women to advance their careers to leadership positions and launched her speaking career. Her speaking invites gave her a view of women from all corners of the globe, where she recognized that she once again was not alone.

JJ’s journey was far from over as her whispers continued. She followed the universal pull and launched Together We Seek, a retreat for professional women, including JJ herself, to reconnect with themselves and sit with their whispers.

Through it all, JJ remained determined to honor her whispers, even when it meant juggling multiple activities and projects off the “side of her desk” while continuing to show up for her work and family. These activities fueled her work and life, and many of her current projects came to her as whispers first.

This program will inspire beyond the room as JJ gets real and shares insight on how a woman in tech, reaches beyond the success and accomplishments of a 20-year career, including leadership positions, two IPOs, hundreds of business trips, the launch of women in tech group, writing her first book, and multiple board seats, to follow a whisper to seek more ways to work from the inside out.

Join JJ as she shares how her plan had a plan of its own with key findings and lessons from her third book, Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work so you too can tap into your whispers to illuminate your path ahead.


Women professionals who attend this session will have the opportunity to gain:

  • Understand “whispers” and how to prioritize while working off the side of your desk.
  • Recognize fear-based life and career choices.
  • New insights on how much time it really takes to start seeking.


Highlighted key findings that facilitate great conversations and round table discussions:

  • Key Finding #45: Be aware of what fuels your self-worth.
  • Key Finding #55: Be honest with yourself about the fears that drive and hinder your actions.
  • Key Finding #68: Only you can make the time for your life’s work.
  • Key Finding #70: Perfectionism is a trap that holds our whispers captive.


Testimonials: http://jjdigeronimo.com/programs/testimonials/





  • Honor Whispers, Life Balance, Inspiration, Success

Keynotes by Industry

Tech Companies & Women in Leadership

Jabra - Women Business Network, Ingram Micro - Women's Forum, IBM - The Women of Watson Health, Vertiv - Executive Women's Network, GE's Women's Network, MCPC, Karpinski Engineering, and KeyBank's - Women in Technology & Operations

Banking, Law, & Insurance

Progressive Insurance, Bank of America, Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP

Girls in STEM

Ohio University, Women in STEM, Girls Coding Project, University of Buffalo's 3rd Annual Women in STEM Summit, The Ohio State University, OSU Women in Engineering, and Rochester Institute of Technology - Women in Engineering WE Explore

Manufacturing & Services

Jo-Ann Stores, Union Pacific Railroad, Discover, Timken, Lubrizol, and Nestle

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