Journey Charms

Inspirational Gifts for Women & Girls.

Charms with Meaning

Journey Charms are inspirational charms created for empowering young girls and women alike. JJ DiGeronimo and her daughter hand-selected each charm that signifies guidance, insight, and advice to achieve the joy and success only you know is possible.

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Girl's Charm Bracelet

The Girl’s Charm Bracelet includes 7 unique charms:

  1. Apple: Make education a priority.
  2. Butterfly: Enjoy your journey.
  3. Cupcake: Savor life’s sweeter moments
  4. Dress: Celebrate your accomplishments.
  5. Flower: Bloom at your own pace.
  6. Purse: Invest in yourself.
  7. Umbrella: Find gratitude in all situations

Butterfly Charm

Keep evolving. Understand that all journeys, including yours, are transformational. Cherish every step of your journey — even the missteps.

Flipflop Charm

Find moments to relax. With so many responsibilities, it’s important to give yourself permission to relax and reflect.

High Heel Charm

Know your power as a woman. Our accomplishments as women, individually and together, are remarkable. Use your voice, desires, and actions to make a difference.

Guitar Charm

Get out and lead. Get out of your comfort zone to take a chance even when you are afraid and unsure. Create your own opportunities.

Heart Charm

Share love. Move through life with a loving heart and a helping hand. Be gracious to yourself and others. Invite positive energy & light to flow within & around you. Gift cards and gift wrap included. 

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Warning: choking hazard – The charms are small and not intended for children under 7 years old. Please be sure to keep the charms attached to a bracelet and away from small children to avoid swallowing, chocking or related health concern.