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"She was extremely easy to communicate with prior to the event and willing to help out with planning. It was a great experience as the organizer and for the attendees! Plan to have her back again soon."
Pam Kozelka
VP Operations, Content Marketing Institute

Both new and repeat attendees at our annual Women in Tech found JJ to be an inspirational yet practical guide for their professional career. Some have said that it was the BEST Women in Tech event they've been to! Our survey revealed that JJ received one of the highest scores as a speaker at our conference. Thank you so much for your AMAZING work!

Audience reactions

Event Planners

Everyone I spoke with last night who was at the CE really enjoyed it.  It was such a productive and relevant conversation.  I really appreciate how you elevated the event.  Lexi May, Senior Manager & Event Leader, Meaden  & Moore

This was an amazing event JJ. I already heard so much great feedback. It was so engaging, interactive, and informative at the same time. Irina, Acumatica Women in Tech 

Thank you again for joining our group last week. It was a tremendous event and the feedback has been very positive. I know I took away a number of tips and tricks I can leverage on my own journey.  Alley, UCB, Event Organizer

JJ hit all the marks we were looking for in a speaker for our Influence to Impact Summit.  She was engaging, informative and provided the exact kind of practical advice we were looking for.  We also appreciated that she joined us for our networking event so she could really understand our business environment and our women really enjoyed meeting her in an informal setting. Sabra H – Alstom

“Thank you so much for speaking to our Virtual Symantec Women’s Action Network Sales Chapter. You did an amazing job, especially with the challenges that come with a webinar format, and personally connected with everyone on the call by sharing your journey and struggles that all of us identify with. Thank you for showing us the tools and techniques that each one of us can use to take charge of our lives and career, by assessing our time and protecting it, so we can do more of the things we enjoy and less of those things that we don’t. You truly made an impact on our group, and we look forward to you speaking to our group again in the future. Thank you!” – Symantec Women’s Action Network (SWAN)

“It was a delight to have JJ as a speaker. Her presentation style is very open and welcoming. Her message was clear and well-articulated. She took much time after the speech to answer additional questions and network with attendees. She was extremely easy to communicate with prior to the event and willing to help out with planning. It was a great experience as the organizer and for the attendees! Plan to have her back again soon.” – Pam Kozelka, VP Operations, Content Marketing Institute

“I can’t tell you the number of times the words, “as JJ said…”, “as I learned from JJ’s presentation”, came up over the last day and a half! You clearly made an impact on us all, and helped many of us realize we could be doing more to focus on relevance to accelerate our influence. My sincere thanks from Rockwell Automation’s East Region Women in the Field group!” – Divya Venkataraman, Rockwell Automation

“Thank you JJ, I have been hearing so much positive feedback, and I believe your messaging was relevant to every person in the room, all stages of career and all ages. A few of the men that attended said it was applicable to their development too, plus, they were going to incorporate what they learned in how they tailor their coaching with their female associates.” – Lynne Thornton, Ingram Micro

Thank you so much for the amazing presentation yesterday and for sending the additional resources you mentioned. We have been hearing great reviews! Jade, Event Coordinator at Zone 

JJ!!!! I cannot thank you enough for presenting today. You are the talk of the town, and such positive conversations have already started because of the thought-provoking wisdom you shared. I knew from the moment we spoke that you were the right person for our inaugural speaker series.  I hope we find ways to work with each other one day soon! ~ Danielle Zazula, Neustar Inc.

“I found JJ’s presentation to be inspiring. The content around leadership, networking and professionalism was shared from a personal perspective of lessons learned and was complementary to learning technical and relational skills needed as a fundraising professional. As an older professional, it was refreshing to hear the questions of younger conference participants and JJ’s response. She kept the audience engaged and we were inspired as she delivered an energizing workshop.” – Phyllis, Association of Fundraising Professionals Cleveland, National Philanthropy Day Workshop Committee

Thank you for participating in our Book Club Event yesterday and all the work you did prior (with sending out books and organizing the flow). It turned out better than expected & I’ve have a ton of requests for the recording, even from folks who were on the line (so good they want to listen a second time). Mckenzie, NetApp

 “JJ is a terrific speaker! Women in particular can really relate to what she is saying as she draws on her experiences and observations.” – Sarah Vojtek, Manager, KNOW (Knowledgeable Network of Women)

“We’ve received rave reviews from the ladies who attended” – Samantha Pisciotta, Event Specialist, Women for Economic and Leadership Development

“Thanks so much for coming in this week to We Can Code IT and talking to our class about finding their professional brand and having a purpose within their professional choices. Wow! Not only did you provide a phenomenal role model, as a woman in tech, you got them talking and acting on those concepts.” – Mel McGee, CEO, We Can Code IT

“STEM seriously would not have been the same without you.” – Kathleen Bias, Outreach Coordinator at Concept Schools, STEMCON

“JJ provided an engaging and dynamic presentation for us at Female Firepower 2017! We have had several attendees comment on how much they learned from JJ and how they can’t wait to learn more from her!” – Lisa Pustelak, Female Firepower 2017

Thank you so much for your time engaging with our senior leadership team last week. I learned quite a few things while participating, and feel grateful that you are doing this important work with such passion. – Tiffany, Hyland Software

“You are a great business leader, Shero and example for women on how to be happy and successful. Thank you so much for choosing to support the Michigan Women’s Marketplace and the webinar presentation.” – Deb Loeser, Women’s Business Center and Michigan Women’s Marketplace Manager

“Thank YOU for coming, and for delivering such a relatable commencement speech to our graduates. Not only did our grads enjoy your speech, but a few of the guests came up to me afterwards and said how great you were as well.” – Sara M. Martin, Director of Career Services, ITT Technical Institute

“We were so pleased to have you speak at WIN. Your energy and thought-provoking ideas were embraced by our members. They, and I are very appreciative to have had you be there and share your insights with us.” – Suzanne Carle, President, Find Your Suite Spot & WIN

“The YWCA is always honored to have JJ join us as a speaker at any of our Women’s Leadership Initiatives events; whether it’s a break-out speaker at our annual Women’s Leadership Conference or a presenter at one of our monthly workshop series sessions. As the Special Events Coordinator, I am always pleased to work with JJ to coordinate the details of her presentations. I appreciate her organizational skills and her professionalism; she makes it simple to execute our plans. When it comes to her presentations, she never lets us down. She is an engaging speaker, always a step ahead with her research, and prepares powerful and effective messages/lessons that impact the attendee’s lives—whether that’s influencing them to explore/incorporate social media and cloud computing into their daily schedule or navigating the obstacles that arise in balancing your work and personal lives. I highly recommend JJ and am always happy to speak more about our experience working together.” – Brooke VanDenHaute, Special Events Coordinator, YWCA

“I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to speak to our graduates today! I heard many wonderful things about your speech and how refreshing it was to have a successful, confident female from the Technology Field as a guest speaker. We appreciate you being a part of what will be such a memorable time for our graduates and their families!” – Bethany, MoneyPenny 

“Thank you again for your wonderful lunch program. I have heard nothing but positive comments from the attendees. I’m looking forward to chatting with you about future presentations!” – Doug Lane, President, North Canton Area Chamber of Commerce

“You were a great guest. Thanks so much for stepping in and doing such a great job!” – Annmarie Kelly, Friday Happy Hour Radio with Annmarie Kelly


JJ!!!! I really enjoyed connecting with you, learning about your background and experience, and being inspired by you. I hope our paths cross in person again soon.  Joni BBB Kansas

“JJ, you were a great facilitator at the Amplify Event today.” – Petar Bojovic, Amplify

“Just attended your presentation at Keybank, and not only are you inspirational but motivational as well. Thank you.” – Myrna Eldridge, attendee, Keybank 

“I was at the Women of the Channel event. You truly inspired me and did a fantastic job. Hopefully, we can cross paths again in the future. Thank you for a great session!” – Kendall Kerstein, attendee, WOTC (Women of the Channel)

“JJ, Your opening keynote at WOTC-East was the best session of the conference for me.” – Rita Mace Walston, attendee, WOTC (Women of the Channel)

“JJ, I loved your keynote at the WOTC on Monday.” – Julie Spiller, WOTC (Women of the Channel)

“JJ, I attended one of your sessions at the WELD Conference Thursday and it was amazing. I learned so much from you and hope to have the opportunity to meet with you again sometime.” – Andrea Dent, attendee, WELD (Women for Economic and Leadership Development) Leadership Conference

“I wanted to send you a quick THANK YOU for your impactful session at the WELD Leadership Conference. I really never thought about LinkedIn and other social media in these ways before. You have opened my eyes from that perspective and in general from a networking perspective. Thanks for your work with WELD and for your support of Women!” – Renee Somers, attendee, WELD (Women for Economic and Leadership Development) Leadership Conference

“Loved your session yesterday at the WELD Leadership Conference.” – Tiffany Crosby, MBA, CPA, CTP, CGMA, attendee, Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD) Leadership Conference

“Thank you for a great presentation at the WELD Leadership! I loved what you said about using LinkedIn to network yourself; great pieces of advice!” – Stefanie DeSantis, attendee, WELD (Women for Economic and Leadership Development) Leadership Conference

“I attended the WELD Leadership Conference last week and your session inspired me.” – Caretta Martin, attendee, WELD (Women for Economic and Leadership Development) Leadership Conference

“I really enjoyed the content of your presentation and walked away with some great action items. Thanks again.” – Jennifer De Tillio, attendee, WELD (Women for Economic and Leadership Development) Leadership Conference

“Until now I have yet to really identify myself as a purposeful woman and I must say, it feels pretty damn good! You gave each of us a very powerful tool and made us eager to employ it! I know I sat there envisioning myself on my journey and truly felt empowered.” – Katie Ramunni

“Thanks for the Watermark presentation yesterday, it was very practical. Protecting my calendar and no means “not now” is very insightful. I really enjoyed it.” – Suzie Ng, Watermark

“JJ was excellent, very engaging. She shared her experiences in both her professional and personal world. She was very positive and energetic. Speaker was energizing and had personal stories to tell about her challenges that led to a more satisfying and effective life. JJ was awesome, thank you for have her! This was an excellent presentation. The author/speaker was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and gave relevant examples from personal experience.” – Comments from Sears Holdings Leadership Event 

“Thank you so much, JJ! I truly enjoyed your keynote and left yesterday feeling very inspired & motivated. Hope to see you at Ingram again in the near future!” – Kate Spenser, attendee, Ingram

“Thank you so much for speaking to the women of MCPc. I think your visit has sparked something wonderful here.” – Genese S., MCPc

“JJ, thank you for effectively presenting such helpful information at our NCCA Summer Retreat yesterday. You gave me some important points to think about. I am reviewing my notes today!” – Colleen Winney, C.W.D. P., NCCA

“JJ, I listened to you speak last week on the topic of work life balance. I just graduated from The Ohio State University with my Masters and joined Timken last month in their OA Development Program. I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.” – Diana Fleming, Timken

“Hi JJ, I just saw you speak at Timken. You were phenomenal. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and drive. Your commitment spreadsheet truly inspired me to grab control of my life and I really appreciate it. It’s simple to use and apply at any point in one’s life.” – Lynn Kelley, Timken

“Great presentation today at the Women Summit! Nothing is more empowering than being around strong, smart and beautiful woman.” – Linda Barberic

“Your presentation at the WSBA Conference in Pittsburgh was inspiring.” – Michelle Garlitz, WSBA (Women’s Small Business Association)

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation today at the KNOW luncheon – I’m working on creating a better work/life balance!” – Jill Patterson, KNOW (Knowledgeable Network Of Women) 

“I went to your seminar at the YWCA not too long ago and you were great. I also purchased your book and have been reading and writing all over it to make some changes in my life.” – Mireille Wozniak-Michalak, YWCA

“I met you at the WSBA Conference last week. Great motivational speech, I really enjoyed it.” – Susan Frisbee, attendee, WSBA (Women’s Small Business Association) Conference

“I heard you speak at the PMI Metrolina Professional Development Day. I was very inspired by your talk and will be purchasing your books both for myself and others. I’d like to connect with you so I can see what you have coming up next. Thank you!” – Sue, Project Management Institute (PMI) Metrolina Professional Development Day

“Thank you so much for knocking it out of the park for our event! We couldn’t have gotten anyone better!” – Branden Coleman, Project Management Institute (PMI) Professional Development Day 

“I had the opportunity to hear you speak at the PMI Development Day in Charlotte. Your presentation brought a lot of energy, was very motivating and inspiring! It’s perfect timing as I’m looking to refine my personal branding statement and career roadmap. I look forward to reading your books!” – Syreeta, attendee, Project Management Institute (PMI) Development Day

“I was fortunate enough to attend the Women In Technology event last week. I already have incorporated many of your tips into my everyday life, so I wanted to let you know I appreciate your words of wisdom and all the research that went into your book.” – Yvonne Workman, WITI (Women in Technology International)

“Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to speak for us at NOSQAA. You did a great job.  It was very refreshing to have a dynamic speaker who is not in the quality assurance space yet provided valuable information to our audience. Thanks again!” – Joe Krajewski, NOSQAA (Northern Ohio Software Quality Assurance Association)

“I met you last week at the NOSQAA event where you spoke about ways to become a high impact player. Your talk was awesome, I enjoyed it very much.” – Sara Cunningham, NOSQAA (Northern Ohio Software Quality Assurance Association)

“JJ, thank you for your powerful and inspirational presentation at STEM Talent Strategies Conference!” – Christie Samson, STEMconnector

“I was fortunate enough to attend last week’s Women in IT event in Buffalo. I was highly inspired by the presentation!” – Leanne Yeatman, attendee, Women in IT

“I greatly enjoyed your presentation at SIM yesterday, exceptional analysis and ideas.” – Julia Palu Sameojeden, attendee, SIM

“It was a pleasure hearing you speak at the Project Lead The Way Summit last week. I’m so glad that my girls, the Femineers, were able to see a strong female working in the field of engineering.” – Jaklen Keshishyan, attendee, Project Lead The Way Summit

“I was a participant at the Female Firepower event held in Meadville, PA. I appreciate the valuable information in your book as well. There is much work for women to accomplish when we say yes to ourselves and actively get in our game of life. Plus, your presentation was succinct, on point, and I suspect, resonated with the participants in the room.” – Patty Preisinger, attendee, Female Firepower, Business and Professional Women’s Club of Meadville

“I really loved all your advice and will start working based on the sheet you gave us.” – Catalina Uribe

“I was in your presentation last week and found it to be very helpful. I have already put to use saying “no”. Although my children are now 18 and 21, it’s still helpful. I wish I had the power when I was younger in my career.” – Sarah Ullman

“Thank you so much for coming to speak with us. Your presentation was inspiring and empowering.” – Codou Diop Siba  

“You are a wonderful role model for females!” – Jill Leberman

“JJ, fantastic presentation and incredibly timely given where I currently am in my career and where I want to go!” – Neen Martelino

“So AWESOME to meet you and hear you speak. You tell us what we need to hear and how to act on it. I can’t wait to get home and read your book. I will definitely be in touch.” – Awilda Olah

“When she talks, I listen! Forbes does too. I had the opportunity to spend time with, JJ DiGeronimo, an awesome lady of purpose, at a women’s conference late last year and she shared with me a slew of gems that I will continue to use this year.” – Diamond 

“Your talk and your book have been inspiring to me as I find myself at a crucial moment in my career when it is not an option to wait to be tapped. – Rachel Greene

“This was one of the most enjoyable events I’ve attended in a long while. Great women, great conversations and JJ, you did a wonderful job as the moderator! Well done!” – Ann Ralston

“Your speech was fabulous and very inspiring! Thanks so much for speaking at our event. I hope to work with you more in the future.” – Sarah Dart

“Your session was so useful and really made the conference worth it to me.” – Sofia Durrani

“Thank you JJ! You are so inspirational and I appreciate your time. I couldn’t stop talking about your “advice”. – Mary Kopacz 

“I’m so happy I got to hear you speak. Thank you so much for your invaluable insights.” – Devika Bashani

“It indeed was inspirational to listen to you and put a few things in practice.” – Suneeta Bindal

“Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday. I found it very inspirational!” – Inna


“My experience working with JJ DiGeronimo was superb. Her level of professionalism, as well as her wittiness and relevant topics promised a successful event. Through feedback from the sold-out event, 100% of attendees thought JJ’s presentation was useful.” – Dana Pierce, Saunders College of Business at RIT


“We met at the College Retreat on Monday, June 3rd at the Mooreland Mansion, and I really enjoyed the information that you gave and found a lot of it to be truly helpful and very useful. – Serina Bennett 


You made a big impression on our students and everyone I spoke to afterward about your keynote. Keep up the good work!” – Becky Burke, University at Buffalo, Women in STEM Cooperative Summit Committee


“I wanted to thank you for your presentation today. I spoke with the students after and several said that they plan to use your suggestion and minor in technology or computer science. As one student put it, “It would be nice to have that card in my back pocket if I ever need it”. Obviously your message was heard.” – Julie R., Cuyahoga Valley Career Center 


“JJ added such warmth and fun to a bleak January day when she spoke to our Glass Ceiling Group at Cuyahoga Heights High School. The “real life” information JJ presented to the girls was invaluable! The life lessons she shared with the girls were things I wished I had known at a much younger age. I watched the girls’ faces as JJ spoke and I know they were really taking in her words.” – Pat, Career Specialist, Cuyahoga Heights High School


“I met you this past weekend at an event at Baldwin Wallace University. Your thoughts on how I can best prepare for my future were inspiring, and I would love the opportunity to learn more from you.” – Paige J. Gotwald, Baldwin Wallace University


“Thank you JJ! You’re an amazing spokeswoman for women everywhere and I will practice what you talked about yesterday at the LCTCS!” – Cristina Alvarado, LCTCS (Louisiana Community and Technical College System)


“Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story in a technology career with our girls! The Girls and STEM conference was a huge success! The idea about looking to the future and setting goals for themselves really hit home with these girls. I especially believe that sharing some seemingly inconsequential steps with them is so valuable; taking notes about the conference, writing down things they like, pursuing a status of being financially independent, having a backup STEM degree. All of these are such valuable pieces of advice.” – Michelle Reynolds, 7th Grade STEM, Discovery School


“I attended your WITI WebLecture today on ‘The Confident Woman – The Power of No’. It was a GREAT Presentation!” – Melissa Melancon, webinar attendee, WITI (Women in Technology International)

“I just listened to your Maximizing Your Online Brand presentation. I thought it was great and gave me some key insights and tips which I would like to implement right away.” – Linda Kim


“I recently watched your video presentation on how to use social media to advance your career and found your advice and tips extremely valuable.” – Kasia Lorenc  


“I just attended your session at WITI webinar, loved it!” – Patricia Ropelatto, webinar attendee, WITI (Women in Technology International)


“Thanks for a great WITI webinar today. You shared such excellent advice and ideas. I’m acting on them right away.” – Clare W., webinar attendee, WITI (Women in Technology International)


“I attended your webinar on online personal branding today through WITI! Thank you for the info! I’m a recruiter, great to hear your views. I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” – Kimberly Hughes, webinar attendee, WITI (Women in Technology International)


“JJ, your webinar was outstanding! Thank you so much for contributing to WiRL.” – Michelle “Mitch” Shepard, Founder & Creative Force, WiRL Leadership Summit


“I have really enjoyed your Purposeful Women webinars!” – Ichi Lin


“Thanks, JJ, for the webinar. It was very helpful and your examples were very inspiring.” – Neelam Dave


“I attended your webinar today and really appreciated what you had to say, very similar to the experience I’ve had in my career. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights!” – Sarah Bigley


“Your webcast today was extremely worthwhile with relevant and real world content. I look forward to applying some of the ideas you shared.” – Allison Turner 


“Your talk was very timely and full of valuable insights.” – Camille Thornton


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JJ DiGeronimo

Author, Speaker, Podcaster & Founder of Tech Savvy Women

With more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, JJ DiGeronimo is an award-winning author, former tech industry leader, and sought-after keynote speaker empowering women in business, emerging leaders, and women in tech to amplify their impact and claim their rightful place at the table.
Sharing transformative strategies, mindfulness tools, and practical techniques to equip women with the actions and mindset they need to break barriers, rise to new heights, and achieve professional success.
Featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Thrive Global, DiGeronimo’s impactful message resonates with women at all career stages. Her work encompasses books, podcasts, online communities, and immersive experiences, inspiring women to navigate the next level of impact and leadership.

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