Lessons I Gained from My Mindfulness Practice

The Power of Presence: 10 Lessons from a Busy Woman’s Mindfulness Journey
I’ll be honest, mindfulness wasn’t an instant love affair for me. As a woman in a high-powered career, I thrived on the rush of accomplishment. But something was missing. I craved more joy, more fulfillment, more than just the next checkmark on the list. That’s what led me to an 8-week mindfulness course based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn. For over two decades, I had navigated the fast-paced world of business, achieving success after success. Yet, despite my accomplishments, a sense of emptiness lingered. I realized that joy was all around me, yet I wasn’t fully present to experience it. My mind was constantly preoccupied with the next task, the next hurdle, the next “to-do” item. This constant mental chatter robbed me of the present moment, the simple pleasure of being.
Before we jump in, I would love to give a huge thank you and callout to my Mindfulness teacher, Suzanne Cushwa Rusnak, MEd, MSSA, LSW.
JJ DiGeronimo

Why is it Difficult to be Mindful?

Mindfulness isn’t about achieving some zen state of enlightenment. It’s about bringing awareness to our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical sensations without judgment. It’s about being fully present in the here and now. And that’s precisely why it can be so difficult. We’re conditioned to live in the past or the future, to let our minds wander and our anxieties take hold. Mindfulness challenges this ingrained pattern. It asks us to slow down, to be still, and to simply observe what arises within us.

Why Women Need a Mindfulness Practice

Why is it difficult to be Mindful?

How can Busy Women benefit from A Mindfulness Practice

Why is Meditation and Mindfulness a Practice

How does Mediation assist with a Mindfulness Practice

A Mindfulness Practice - Is there a Connection with Age

Are you so busy working through your task list that you miss the obvious opportunities to have fun, laugh, or experience joy? You’re not alone!


Are you so busy working through your task list that you miss the obvious opportunities to have fun, laugh, or experience joy? You’re not alone! 

Initially, I found myself struggling to let go of thoughts. The constant mental chatter seemed like a natural part of my existence, and quieting it down felt like a monumental task. But, as I persisted with the mindfulness techniques taught in class, something remarkable began to happen.

Gradually, I started to notice the space between my thoughts. I began to observe the rise and fall of each thought without getting caught up in their content. This newfound awareness brought a sense of calm and clarity that I had never experienced before.

The impact of mindfulness wasn’t limited to my own inner world. It started to spill over into my relationships, particularly in my interactions with my spouse. During intense discussions, I found myself responding with more patience and understanding. I was better able to listen without judgment and communicate more effectively.

This newfound awareness and ability to respond with less reactivity also extended to my interactions with colleagues and friends. I found myself approaching each conversation with more genuine curiosity and empathy.

My journey with mindfulness didn’t end with the class. Inspired by the transformative results, I decided to explore further. I attended mindfulness conferences and delved into the works of Brené Brown on vulnerability. These additional resources helped deepen my understanding and practice of mindfulness.

10 Life Lessons I Gained from My Mindfulness Practice

10 Life Lessons I Gained from My Mindfulness Practice, featuring my Mindfulness Coach, Suzanne Cushwa Rusnak highlights key strategies, actions and learning for women to get off the hamster wheel of being busy. High-impact women looking for more moments of joy, self-fulfillment and self-love would benefit from a Mindfulness Practice. 

Take a listen of what I learned from My Mindfulness Teacher, Suzanne Cushwa Rusnak after she asked me: 

JJ, What is Your Experience of Taking the Class?

:27 My First Lesson: Let It Go 

:49 Second Lesson: Learn How Your Mind Reacts 

1:44 Third Lesson: I Could Not Believe How Busy My Mind Was 

1:53 Fourth Lesson: Surprised by the Way I Talked to Myself 

2:02 Fifth Lesson: How I Would Build Up the Story to Support My Case 

2:15 Sixth Lesson: Completely Surprised How Much Time I Spent in My Head 

2:23 Trying to Figure Out What Someone Was Thinking . . . 

2:42 Seventh Lesson: We Can Feel Exhausted 

2:57 Eighth Lesson: Partner Mindfulness Training with Brené Brown’s Books 

3:06 Ninth Lesson: Mindfulness was a Launching Pad to Understand How the Inside of Me Worked 

3:14 Tenth Lesson: How I Feel Inside, Directly Impact the Outside 

3:31 When We Are More Present, We Positively Impact the People Around Us 

3:43 It Enhances Our Connections with Other People 

3:50 We Are Social Creators, Designed to Be in Connection with Other People 

4:14 BONUS!! Mindfulness is an Instrumental Life Skill that Can Enrich Your Life 

4:44 Uncovering and Reassessing the Things You Already Have Within You 

4:56 We Can Practice Being Present Anytime, Anywhere 

5:07 The Way that We Think, About Everything . . .

Looking back, I realize that this mindfulness class and teacher provided me with the foundation for a profound personal transformation. It taught me to be present in the moment, to observe my thoughts and emotions without judgment, and to respond to life's challenges with greater awareness and compassion. This journey has not only enriched my own life, but it has also enhanced my relationships with others. If you're seeking more peace, joy, and connection in your own life, I encourage you to explore the world of mindfulness. It might just be the transformative you need right now.