Working from the inside out with jj digeronimo

Episode 1: Moving Beyond Burnout
Empowering Yourself from the Inside Out with Perspective, Focus & Gratitude


Moving Beyond Burnout – Empowering Yourself from the Inside Out with Perspective, Focus & Gratitude

Women are tired, overworked, and even burned out!

The Career Strategies for Women podcast provides strategies to move from feeling depleted to a place of aligning your perspective, focus, and self-talk with gratitude and joy.  On Episode One, we talked about how women can empower ourselves from the inside out to overcome burnout, find gratitude and shift our perspectives.


Women are often conditioned to push through tough times, but if you are feeling depleted or burned-out, take a moment to think about:

  • What is making me feel tired?
  • What do I despise doing?
  • Who is taking most of my energy?
  • What are the things I need to let go of soon?

And then:

  • What have I learned about myself?
  • What do I need to pay attention to more often?
  • What do I want to be working on?
  • What have I enjoyed?

These are just a few questions that can provide more personal insight.


This year, one of my favorite books has been Emily Bennington’s book Miracles at Work, turning inner guidance into outer influence. It’s been wonderful because her words brought attention to my self-awareness and energy levels. She helped me recognize when I’m working from a place of anxiety and judgment and even comparison and fear.  Her insights remind me to ask, why am I afraid? Or why do I feel less?

This book positions the idea that things are happening for us — even the challenges that 2020 has brought us. With this, think about what is unfolding right now, right here. Here are three questions to keep in mind:

  1. If this is being done for me, what am I being asked to see differently, too?
  2. If this is being done for me, what am I being asked to let go?
  3. If this is being done for me, what am I interested in running toward now?
  4. Bonus Question: Where do I want to use the gifts that were given to me?

We have two choices:

We can either live in love and acceptance of the current situation or fear and anxiety.

Honestly, it’s easy to live in fear and anxiety because our fear-based society makes us often want to feel like a victim and make us think that it’s happening to us rather than for us. So when you feel about yourself based on where you are right now, are you taking on this is happening to me? OR is this happening for me?

It is worth considering how your inner dialogue of fear or love carries into your interactions, your to-dos, and your relationships.


Whether you’re in a job or a relationship, or a situation that may be burning you out, you do have to take a step back and start within.

The first step is to inventory where you right now. You can’t shift or align or empower yourself if you don’t understand where you’re starting.

For many of us that feel exhausted and possibly even burned out, we have to ask:

  • Where am I right now?
  • What do I need to do to empower myself?
  • What creates energy for me?
  • What do I think I need to lift myself to that next level of energy, appreciation, and gratitude.

The second step is understanding your focus. What is happening in your head?

  • What are you saying to yourself regularly?
  • Are you mentally beating yourself up or discouraging actions you know will be helpful?
  • Are you saying I cannot do this now or I can do this now?

It is easy to beat ourselves up as we move through our day. Check-in often to what how you are talking to yourself.


It is essential to energize yourself and this can look different for everyone. Does that mean cooking? Walking in nature? Curling up with a nice blanket and a book? So many of us often carve ourselves out of our schedule. So finding time to empower ourselves is critical.

Give yourself permission to inspire yourself first. For me, the best place to start with inspiring myself is gratitude. It took time for me to learn to be genuinely grateful. It started as a quick thought or part of a prayer during the day. But now, I start and end my days with 3-5 things that I’m grateful for. I have learned that gratitude flows more easily when you focus on things that energize that you.. And what we focus on, we expand!

So whether you’re in a job, relationship, or other a situation that’s burning you out — take a step back and start within.

To move beyond where you are today; you must start within. And I only know this because I have had to do these things too. It took me several years to gain the momentum I needed to get here.

I appreciate you joining me here, and I look forward to joining you next time.