5 New Earth Archetypes with Mary Reynolds Thompson

5 New Earth Archetypes with Mary Reynolds Thompson


5 New Earth Archetypes that motivate women to become forces of nature. A Wild Soul Woman: 5 Earth Archetypes to Unleash Your Full Feminine Power is a how-to for women to explore their inner “wild soul” with the larger purpose of shaping the next wave of feminism.

An adventurous spirit, Mary Reynolds Thompson has roamed the farthest reaches of the planet, from the heights of the Himalayas to the tip of Tierra del Fuego deepening her connection to nature. As a young girl, she ran free in the hills above Positano in Southern Italy. She slept in caves and fished with locals at night to catch squid. Her favorite mode of transportation was a pig called Romana.

Already an award-winning nature book author, this latest work from Mary has received glowing praise from Susan Griffin, Sharon Blackie, and Nina Simons. 

Listeners can discover and learn from:

Desert Woman––to let go of what no longer serves them

Forest Woman––to seed new dreams and nurture them in their depths

Ocean and River Woman––to ride the flow of their deepest longings

Mountain Woman––to rise up in service of a vision

Grassland Woman––to engage with community as their rewilded selves

Join us as she will encourage us to tap into to source strength from these archetypes. 

To stand up for their values, speak their truth and no longer remain silent in a patriarchal world. 

Ms. Reynolds Thompson will talk about how a deeper connection to nature can help heal personal and cultural wounds. She believes that by engaging with nature’s archetypes and metaphors, women can find their way back to their most authentic, natural, and empowered selves. And in doing so, they will find the courage to step up, speak out, and stand up for this precious Earth. Learn more about the author here: https://www.maryreynoldsthompson.com/

Insta: @wildsoulwriter
Website: https://www.maryreynoldsthompson.com/

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