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Let's Read Your Birth Chart!

Birth Charts?

Birth Charts are the picture of the sky when you were born.  The placement of the planets when you arrived.  These planet placements can share great insight to your life, hurdles, and work.

This information has helped me step into my life’s work and push through self-imposed boundaries.

If you are curious or are looking for some additional insight, your Birth Charts can open up new levels of awareness and insight into your life’s work.


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My birth chart reading will allow me to seek new, creative ways to interact with the people around me, in my community, friendships and career.  I can’t wait to approach these relationships with this fresh perspective!

Jodi Geduldig


I couldn’t hold back from reading your birth chart report. Nutshell: not only did I love it, it moved something inside of me to tears. I feel lost, and found at the same time. Honestly, it lets me know I am on the right path.

Kai ByRoade

Product Designer

My Birth Chart Read is Pretty accurate… it’s so interesting to me and I am so grateful to have had this done by you. Thank you! I love that you are so passionate about this and helping other women reach higher in there lives. You are such a beautiful soul!

Sarah Sileader

Women in Finance

Are you a woman that is . . .

  • Seeking insight as you plan your next step?
  • Feeling misaligned or uncertain about your career path?
  • Looking for another level of information to gain insights?


Your Birth Time and Date can validate what makes you most fulfilled and gain the reassurance of your natural gifts to guide you toward roles you were born to do.

I have gained such great insight from my birth chart and move through life with more ease and alignment and love to share an in-depth review of your birth chart with you!

Schedule a Birth Chart Reading with JJ DiGeronimo

Where: Zoom Call, 60 Minutes

Required: Your Birth Time & Details

Price: $149

Let’s explore:

  • How do you express yourself best?
  • When do you feel most fulfilled?
  • Where do you have more luck and abundance?
  • What type of work should you be focused on?

Example Chart