career strategy

Hope is Not a Career Strategy

Hope is not a career strategy.  Anything worth achieving is worth working for so don’t leave it to chance, be ready for the opportunity when it presents itself. Is what I have achieved the “All” I really want? Why am I here? We’ve all asked at one time or another. We begin to ask ourselves […]

creating content

Creating Content to Build Your Brand

As you look to build your brand awareness within your company and out in the industry, consider the power of creating content to share your expertise. Writing blog articles, LinkedIn articles or even books can be a great way to showcase your knowledge. Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute, is a big believer in the […]

getting unstuck

Getting Unstuck – Pursue a Dream

Feeling like you are spinning your wheels? Perhaps you would benefit from a lesson in getting unstuck. How often do you worry about things you can’t change? How frequently do you compare yourself to others who, in some cases, you don’t even intimately know? Our society encourages us to watch what other people do, care […]

leadership lessons

Life Teaches us Leadership Lessons

Are you open to the leadership lessons life has to offer? Life is a teacher; we are its pupils. Whenever a challenging situation arises, I ask myself, What am I meant to learn from this? For example, I’ve learned, through multiple opportunities, to be patient with myself and others. Over and over, I’ve been tested […]

accelerate your impact

Accelerate Your Impact Wins Diversity Book Award

2017 Award-Winning Business Diversity Book Helps Women Advance Their Careers Professional Playbook Offers Specific Strategies for Working Women Striving for Leadership Positions and Board Seats Professional women who aspire to advance their careers often encounter a sea of obstacles. Without a career playbook specific for women, many experience common pitfalls and corporate cultures that derail their […]

What Will it Take to Make You Stay?

You are a star and yet perhaps feel like you are the only one who knows it. Do you struggle to feel appreciated and valued in your work? Are you tempted to start just going through the motions at work like so many of your peers because it doesn’t appear to matter either way? You may […]

professional value

Effectively Communicate Your Professional Value

How effective have you been in communicating your professional value to your peers, your managers and those higher in your organization? In other words – what is your worth to your job, your department and your company? That may be hard to put into words because it goes beyond attendance, longevity and attitude. If you […]