Craving growth and renewal for the new year?

Build Your Vision Retreat

Longing for clarity and purpose as the new year approaches?

Join us for an inspiring retreat designed to help you shed the noise, let go of the “I shoulds,” and envision your desire for 2024.

This intentional retreat offers a beautiful space to meet in-person to connect with your desires and align with a vision you set for yourself. ️

Start 2024 aligning with where you want to go with Aneta Ardelian Kuzma and JJ DiGeronimo.

This experience starts with virtual online sessions to discuss self-doubts and ignite your flow for 2024, culminating in an interactive in-person event on the shores of Lake Erie on Sunday, Jan 21st.

Two Pre-Retreat Sessions (Virtual via Zoom):

 ** Wednesday, January 10 at 7 pm ET: The “I Shoulds” of Success & Giving Yourself Permission

** Wednesday, January 17 at 7 pm ET: The Fears Fueling Your Self-Doubt & Your Time to Explore

These virtual events will be recorded and shared to prepare for our in-person event!

Looking forward to prioritizing ourselves together to fuel our passion as we leap into 2024.

Wellness Retreat(3)

All Day Retreat:

Sunday, January 21, 2023, 9 am – 5 pm in Vermilion, OH.

Location: A hidden gem with breathtaking views of Lake Erie, just a scenic 40-minute drive from downtown Cleveland. Picture yourself surrounded by the cozy embrace of fireplaces and indulging in delectable creations from a local culinary maestro.

Immerse Yourself In:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Somatic Breathwork
  • Spiritual Discussions
  • Vision Boarding
  • Nourishing Meals

A Glimpse into Your Day:

9-9:30: Welcome & Networking & Breakfast
9:30: Share Your Intentions
10:15: Morning Reset – Guided Meditation 
10:30: Session 1 – Ignite Your Retreat – Fueling Intentions and Seeking Creation
11:30: Somatic Breath Practice + Visualization
12:15: Brunch + Community Time (Optional Estate Tour)
1:30: Craft Your Vision Board
2:00 pm: Snack Time Delights – Nuts, Popcorn, Dried Fruit
3:30: Vision Board Showcase
4:30: Final Visualization with Breathwork
4:40: Chart Your Next Steps
5: Wrap up and Revel in Your Radiant Self

Leave revitalized, armed with a vision for the life you’re creating and a renewed sense of focus and clarity.


Retreat Details

Pack Your Bag:

** Favorite Magazines

** Cherished Family Photos 

** Comfy Inside Shoes

Poster boards & supplies will be provided for you. 

Women's Retreats

Building Your 2024 Vision Retreat

Invest in You

Two Virtual Events + An In-Person Event



One Vision Seeker $369

Two Vision Seeker $708 (Extra $15 discount/seat)

Three Vision Seeker $1047 (Extra $20 discount/seat)

Building Your 2024 Vision Retreat

Vermilion, Ohio

An Aquarian Gathering of Alignment & Empowerment ~ Afternoon Retreat

Energy Practitioners & Lightworkers

Aneta Ardelian Kuzma, Founder of the Ardelian Kuzma Group

Coach, Yoga and meditation Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, Podcast Host, Author, and retreat host (Portugal and Tuscany)

I am a multi-passionate coach and healer. I work with high-achievers – professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches, and lightworkers who want to make an impact in this world!

My passion is helping you get unstuck, awaken to your potential and purpose, dream BIG, and take aligned action so you can start living the WIDTH of your life.

I do this through mind/body/soul coaching, facilitating yoga, meditation, breathwork classes, hosting retreats, and corporate wellness events. My passion is helping my clients create transformational change. 

A former bank executive, I now work with professionals and entrepreneurs to create mindful leadership, increase focus, creativity, and productivity, and deliver wellness programs to organizations helping teams achieve optimal health.

I host the Live the Width of Your Life podcast and am the author of Live the Width of Your Life: 365 Daily Meditations for Living with Purpose, Passion, and Peace. I am a contributing author to Brainz Magazine and ThriveGlobal and when I am not working, I love to spend time with my husband and two daughters, travel, practice yoga, read, listen to podcasts, cook, and spend time in nature


Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 21-23-48 My Story and Ardelian Kuzma Group

Lora Roeser

Lora Roeser is a believer in the healing and restorative powers of holistic practices—such as the use of naturally sourced essential oils and the beauty of sound—for both the body and the mind.

Lora is skilled at playing an array of quartz crystal singing bowls as part of a sonic-immersion experience in elegant, healing sound. Through use of the natural properties and resulting frequencies of the singing bowls, she produces soothing, harmonious vibrations.

Lora’s background and expertise as an essential oil representative with DoTERRA, as well as her skill and training in the resurgent lost art of healing through essential oils, allows her to use and combine premium-grade oils for both aromatherapy and touch therapy. Her extensive collection of oils not only delight the olfactory senses, but each oil contains a myriad of holistic healing and health-maintenance properties when administered and used as directed—topically, aromatically, or internally. An indulgent delight to all the senses, the full-immersion sensory experience

Lora offers is sure to soothe, restore, and energize the body, mind, and spirit.

JJ DiGeronimo

With new levels of awareness, JJ shares a more spiritual side of her life that undeniably strengthens her mission to empower women at work and in life.

Conditioned to look outward, JJ, along with many women around the world, juggle a variety of external validations, such as titles, salaries, and relationships intermingled with self-doubt, negative self-talk, and demanding schedules. These pressures lead many women to ask, “am I enough?”, “What am I doing?” or “Is this it?” 

With a unique approach, JJ created discussions, resources, podcasts, and retreats for women interested in digging deep, releasing the guilt, and aligning with what they know is true! In addition, she knows that tapping into your inner knowing will help you, me, us rediscover the brightness and gifts. 

Copy of WaterWoodWomensEvent_22

“When we work together to brighten our lights, we illuminate the path for many.”

JJ DiGeronimo

Invest in You

Building Your 2024 Vision Retreat


  • Dress for the Weather – Layers are Best as it is usually 5-10 degrees colder near the water
  • Yoga Mat, Blanket and even a pillow
  • Water Bottle
  • Indoor and Outdoor shoes – it is likely to muddy, so feel free to bring slippers or alternative shoes for inside
  • Jacket, as it is likely a colder day, a hat and glove might be nice to have too

Now’s your time to recover from the stress of the holidays, slow down, and intentionally envision and design the life you want to live. Make 2024 the year that you place yourself at the top of your list, focus on feeling good, and create the life you’ve always wanted to live with more purpose, passion, and peace.

You can leave your high heels and nice boots at home. Instead, wear comfortable clothes and be sure to bring Walking or hiking shoes, jackets, hats, and maybe even gloves. 

If you have allergies, please email JJ at [email protected] and we will notify the chef and be sure you know what you can, and cannot eat.

You can arrive as early as 8:30 AM and stay until 5 PM.

It is up to you! You are welcome to walk and explore the many acres.

Although we may incorporate yoga poses, this is not a yoga retreat, but rest assured, you do not need to know how to do Yoga or even like Yoga to attend.

Yes, please plan to bring a mat or  a thicker blanket. 

There is Internet inside the houses, but I encourage you to disconnect for the time we are together to give yourself some much-needed downtime.

We suggest that you watch the weather so that you can pack appropriately, but plan on bringing a mat or blanket, water bottle, socks, sweaters and dress in comfortable clothes, a jacket for the beach, walking shoes, outdoor clothes with layers an open heart, and appetite for a connecting! 

For this gathering, please bring your favorite magazines and cherished Family Photos.

Minimal preparation is needed.

We are more interested that you drive into Vermilion with an open mind and loving heart with an interest to connect and have fun.

Is this day Religious?

This day will incorporate spiritual practices but is not aligned to any specific religion. This could include but isn’t limited to meditation, yoga, chanting, drumming, and mindfulness practices. 

Although no participation is required, I hope you are open to exploring your energy, connections, and future aspirations.

Yes, Aneta and JJ are both author  and have hosted many events and retreats!

The estate is in Vermilion, Ohio, and the address will be provided upon registration as it is a private residence with 60 acres on Lake Erie. 

It is about 40 Mins from Downtown Cleveland, 2 hours from Columbus and Pittsburgh and 30 Minutes from the Cleveland airport.

By registering for this retreat, you are agreeing to these terms.

Cancellations and refunds

We have limited availability for our retreat and spots are guaranteed with your reservation payment received on a first come, first serve basis. We understand as a mother, wife, and daughter, emergencies arise, and exceptions will be considered refunds on a one-to-one basis less 20% cancellation fee.

Where a teacher or facilitator advertised for a retreat is not able to teach due to reasons outside our control, we reserve the right to replace them with a similar teacher or facilitator.


We will take photographs during retreats for our websites and promotional materials. If you are sensitive about this, please let your facilitators know when you arrive.

Personal Belongings

Any valuables left at the property are the guests’ sole responsibility, although we work to get it back to the owner, neither Together We Seek Retreat nor the property staff can be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal property. As you are departing, please ensure you have packed all personal belongings safely before leaving the retreat. Any items forgotten or lost will not be at the responsibility of the Together We Seek Retreat to recover and return to you although we try to make this happen.

Liability/Your Health

It is agreed by you that the property owners/operators of the retreat/s are not the guardians of any customers’ safety, and they, individually or collectively cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence, which might result in illness, injury, death, or other damage, loss, or theft to the customer, his property, or his family, heirs, or assigns. All exercise, movement, food choices, and any other retreat activities are undertaken at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically, mentally, and physically fit and able to use our facilities and participate in any of our retreat activities, including yoga, walking, dancing, and periods of silence. Attendees who have injuries or mental or physical illnesses are advised to seek doctor’s advice prior to attending our retreat. The Together We Seek Retreat is not liable for any injuries you may contract during a retreat. If you have any health conditions, including mental health conditions, you will need to inform The Together We Seek Retreat of these. The liability of Together We Seek Retreats is limited to a total of the booking price irrespective of the title/claim.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can be unpredictable and can change quickly and significantly. The Together We Seek Retreat cannot be made liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions.

Force Majeure

Means any unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our normal control, which the consequences of could not have been avoided even when exercising all due care. Such circumstances or events include, but are not limited to, war or threat of war, riot, civil unrest, industrial disputes or strikes, unavoidable technical problems with the property, transport, or closure or congestion of airports, terrorist activity, natural disasters, industrial disasters, fire, theft, flooding and adverse weather conditions. In the event of any of the above refunds or compensation payments will be determined based on circumstances.

Complaints and Suggestions

The Together We Seek Retreat is confident that you will not have any cause for concern during your retreat. However, if you should have any problems during your stay this should first be brought to the attention of your facilitators. If you are not satisfied with the local resolution, then any further comments or suggestions should be put in writing within 14 days of your return, specifying the problems to: [email protected]

Vermilion is filled with unique shops & boutiques, stores and more filled with personality, charm.

Each is an independently-owned business where you’re likely to meet and get to know the owner and leave with an understanding of why “shopping local” is so special. Note: This is a partial listing of the shopping possibilities in Historic Downtown Vermilion and beyond. There are more businesses as well as d restaurants to explore to the east and south of downtown..


There are some bed and breakfasts in Vermilion:


Captain’s Bell House
The historic ambiance with all the modern amenities. Just one block from the center of downtown and a short walk from a lake view. MSV member since 2013. 5760 Liberty Avenue, Vermilion OH 44089 | Contact: 440.714.5082
Gilchrist Guesthouse °
Lakefront locations in the heart of the historic Harbourtown neighborhood. Walkable to shops, restaurant, beach and more. MSV member since 20165662 Huron Street, Vermilion, OH 44089 | Contact: 440.290.6007
The Old Vermilion Jailhouse Bed & Breakfast
691 Grand Street, Vermilion OH 44089 | Contact: 440.963.5245
End O’Way Bed & Breakfast888 Bank Street, Vermilion OH 44089 | Contact: 440.967.9678
Other Hotels within 20 mins:
  • Tru by Hilton Sandusky

  • Sawmill Creek Resort (Recently Remodeled)

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Vermillion

There are over 20 place to eat in Vermilion: https://www.mainstreetvermilion.org/dine

Feel free to call me or email me:

[email protected]


These are both direct into my inbox and phone.

I look forward to chatting, JJ & Aneta

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We look forward to seeing you there!


JJ & Aneta