Career Assessment – Where Are You Right Now?


When was the last time you conducted a career assessment that truly examined where you are in your career and how you feel about it?

Before you can move forward, you have first to figure out where you are in your career. In a recent podcast, I will examine this starting point and delve further into my book Accelerate Your Impact.

Your career assessment begins by holding a mirror up to your current day-to-day work life and determining how you feel about each project, non-profit participation, and goal that you achieve.

This chart will help you ask some of those career assessment questions:

Creating a starting point for your career assessment is necessary to determine how to maneuver the landscape. Let’s take a moment to think about the work you do today, how you show up and who is supporting you.
It is important, to be honest with where you are starting as you work through each career assessment video that I have created. Not everyone is great at building and nurturing their network, showcasing their outcomes or articulating their goals and professional requests.
What I have learned over the last two decades is that my connections, attitude, relevance, managers, mentors, sponsors and advisory boards are as important to my professional growth as the results I deliver independently or with and within my teams.

How you feel and how you make others feel throughout your career will do as much, if not more, for how you are perceived than anything else. If you are miserable at work or feel unsatisfied with your current performance, that will be reflected in your interactions with others.

Check out my podcast from this week:

IMG_5268cJJ DiGeronimo, keynote speaker for women presents keynote addresses on women in leadership, diversity in business and advancement for women.

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