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Creating Content to Build Your Brand

As you look to build your brand awareness within your company and out in the industry, consider the power of creating content to share your expertise.

Writing blog articles, LinkedIn articles or even books can be a great way to showcase your knowledge.

Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute, is a big believer in the power of creating content to build a personal brand or a company. In the Forbes article Why Writing A Book Is The Best Content Strategy You’ve Never Thought Of, contributor John Hall talks about Pulizzi and the benefits he sees in creating content.

“Many leaders have started understanding the importance of content creation in raising their profiles and building their brands. Their teams might help them launch aggressive content marketing strategies, submit articles to impressive publications, land guest spots on podcasts, and speak at industry events. Eventually, that hustle pays off, and they achieve the level of brand awareness or authority they wanted.

This is exactly where a lot of people plateau. Leaders who see establishing authority as the end goal cut themselves short. Building credibility is only the first step. Once you’ve achieved that, you need to think about how to level up. And leveling up through content means writing a book.”

If you are not currently blogging or writing articles, writing a book may seem like an insurmountable task. However, I can speak from first hand experience about the benefits of creating content to build your brand.

My first book The Working Woman’s GPS was a great way to demonstrate my point-of-view, share my knowledge and offer advice to women looking to take control over their journey.

In my second book, Accelerate Your Impact, I have been able to expand my reach to include individual business women as well as entire organizations and corporations looking to advance women within their company.

Additionally, I write on two different blogs, this one as well as Tech Savvy Women and also share articles on my LinkedIn account each week.

Keep this point from John Hall in mind.

“People look at you differently when you’ve published a book. They assume that if you’ve literally written the book on a topic, you know what you’re talking about. You’re a leading voice in your space, and they’ll defer to your insights over those shared by influencers who aren’t authors.”

Start by writing an article. Select a topic that is relevant to your business, one that you feel strongly about and have experience to share. Writer’s Digest offers some great advice on the structure of writing that first article. Check out 6 Tips for Writing an Article to help you get started. It starts by selecting a topic.

What will you write about?