Episode 13: Are Your Talents Still Buried?


Many of our gifts – AKA our talents and our treasure – are still buried.

Buried beneath our inner voice, our schedule, how we treat ourselves, what we say yes to, and what we think is possible.

So many of us forget about our knowing and connection, and lose ourselves in our schedule, to-do list, and even our goals – which may all overshadow our light.


I have met many women who live in the “I should” world. They’re not being illuminated by their choices and they’re wondering why their light is dampened.

Your buried gifts could be a differentiator, change agent, or catalysts for some miraculous energy, impact, and influence.

As you listen to this episode think about what gifts you may have and where you may be able to tap into them more throughout your day, week, or month.

Remember, we do not shine when our gifts are buried!

When we use our gifts, the world becomes more enlightened!

Now is the time to make your talents a priority!

1:16  Reflecting on all that is expected of women at work and at home

1:41  Many times women deplete themselves through their contributions

1:47  The benefits of women’s groups

2:07  Without much expectations, women continue to give of their time, mind, and efforts

2:24  Having gratitude for where you are but also having gratitude for who you are is key to unburying your gifts

3:25  Recognize all you have done with gratitude

4:07  Remind yourself that you are part of something bigger, that you are powerful

4:50  We sometimes forget who we are, and that often drowns our energy and spirit

5:07  We do not shine when our gifts are buried within us


6:32  For some of us, our dreams stop here

6:42  Write down where you want to shine more light, where you want to have more impact, and then catalog the statements that follow

7:13  Many women I know are still waiting for these reasons before they leap in the direction they desire

7:16  We would be more vibrant if we were more comfortable with what we had to offer the world

7:20  Our ego steps in to reassure us that we are not ready when we are ready

7:28  We have to create the tools to sidestep our ego


8:19  Calculate time in your schedule to create relevance for where you want to have an impact next is important

8:41  Our schedule does not act as a catalyst from where we want to have an impact next

8:50  Think of your schedule as a tool to pave the path for where you want to shine your light


9:40  How you treat yourself is instrumental as this is your capsule, your body, your vehicle for you to shine your light

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12:03  It has taken many years to believe I do not have to be over-prepared for my next space of impact

12:18  My natural gifts are powered by something bigger

12:30  Building trust in myself has taken many hours of self-development

13:44  Give yourself permission to create gaps in your schedule to fill it with things that inspire you

14:01  You have to create space in your schedule to make it happen

14:14  What have you already said “yes” to? How does it excite you?

14:24  So many women are living in the “I should” world and wonder why their light is dampened

14:32  They are not illuminated by the life they’ve created

15:07  Pay attention to what is trying to come out is there a time code for this?

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