Episode 16: Are You Working On Your Career? Or Only In Your Career?


There is a difference between working on your career and working in your career.

So many women who I talk to are busy working on their to-do lists, working through their calendars… and, oftentimes, it takes real discipline to step back and say, Where am I driving myself? Where am I taking my career? And where am I, in regards to my goals?

These questions should guide you in working on your career and working in your career. This dual path is so if you want to have a greater impact in your career. And in this episode of Career Strategies for Women That Work, I’m sharing why you need to be working in this dual path and how to make it happen.

This episode includes 5 things you can do to be sure you’re working on your career in addition to working in your career, including:

  • How to create a solid vision for your next career move
  • Where to gain insight to make that move happen
  • How to figure out who can help you along the way
  • What to share with the people who can help
  • How to build your schedule to have greater impact

So with this, I encourage you to share your vision. Talk about what’s important to you and discuss where you want to impact next because your vision is often a preview of your reality!

You need to understand the steps you need to take and who needs to be involved to make those goals a reality. I’d love to be the person who helps you articulate what you want to throw your energy at and where you want to be more impactful!

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Be sure to list in for 5 things you can do to working on your career in addition to working in your career

      • 08:39 – #1
      • 09:28  – #2
      • 11:30 – #3
      • 12:10 – #4
      • 13:30 – #5

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