Episode 29: Feeling Guilty? Tools to Manage the Guilt


There is hardly a week that goes by where a woman does not ask me about guilt. How do I stop feeling guilty? Why do I feel so guilty? When is this guilt going to step aside so I can move forward? Guilt is an overwhelming energy that holds so many women back. It’s an emotion that many of us carry that many of us cannot figure out how to get around.

I can assure you, I deal with guilt too. It seems like once I had children, and was responsible for taking care of my family —I put on my guilt backpack. And that guilt backpack has stuck with me for years.

It’s like, if we don’t do something or we don’t show up, we’re not doing enough. Or if we do do something, it’s not the right way. It can open a whole can of emotions.

That’s why I think this is a topic that needs addressing head-on.

In this week’s episode of Career Strategies for Women That Work, you’re going to learn:

  • How to identify the things that trigger your guilt
  • Why aligning your yeses can help you manage your guilt
  • Reasons why you may be feeling guilty
  • Different tools to help you deal with guilt

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Hopefully, this episode has helped you get a little perspective and recognize that many of us are challenged with the same issues in dealing with high levels of guilt. Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram – @JJDigeronimo, and share the techniques and tools you use to manage the guilt!