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Feminine Leadership is Fierce Grace

How is feminine leadership different from male leadership? And what is Fierce Grace?

Lisa Marie Jenkins Transformation Consultant. Training Facilitator. Author offers insight in her article Fierce Grace – Women On the Move.

“Feminine Leadership is Fierce Grace, the shift that will transform the way we all work, lead, and live.”

In her talk, The Confidence Gap, Jenkins addresses the power behind women in the workplace and, from her experience, the feminine leadership visible in the tech industries.

“When action is taken to serve, uplift others, create impact for the greater good, then it is truly Inspired Action.

So, the “woman thing” is about Strength & Grace. When women give birth to their authentic voice, mission, and message and share it by taking action in the world, Fierce Grace is upon us.”

Feminine leadership draws power from the desire to make a difference rather than from a need for recognition or personal power.

I invite you to watch her keynote speech and absorb her energy and confidence as an expert in feminine leadership. She overcame a deep seated lack of self confidence and DECIDED to “act as if…” she was confidence and capable until she knew she was.

She approached new opportunities, jobs, projects and circumstances with an attitude of “I’ve got this.” She didn’t focus on what she lacked but rather came forward with a positive attitude that led to her success in a male dominated field of sales in technology.

She talks about biting off more than you think you can handle and how that helped her succeed.

If you are looking to advance in your career or professional circumstances, take a page from Lisa Marie Jenkins and embody Fierce Grace in everything you do.

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