Focus on Your Goals Like a Hawk


Have you ever found a picture or heard a story that was just so great you wanted to find a relevant way to relate it to your business?

That happened today when I received an email with some pictures from my friend Per Heistad. He woke up to find this red-tailed hawk sitting in the yard. Great pictures!

hawk1hawk2I did a little research into the traits of a hawk and learned a few things that really relate well to focusing on a goal. Of course the first is that when we watch our goal “like a hawk” we are committed, unwavering and totally focused on that goal; what it means and what is required to bring it to life.

Additionally, hawks are known for the following traits that actually translate well to focusing on and achieving our goals:

1. Sharp eyesight

Imagine viewing your goal with a sharp eye; clear, realistic and focused. It reminds me of a S.M.A.R.T. goal – in order for a goal to be worth working on it needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. What gets measured and watched, gets done.

2. Fly in high places

Sometimes we become so focused on what we are working on (in the weeds) we fail to step back and look at our goal from a more global perspective. Leaders have the ability to view a goal, their company and their future from 30,000 feet. Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth Revisited talks about working ON your business rather than IN your business. In order to successfully work ON your goal, you need to view it from a higher place so that you can examine all of the obstacles and opportunities.

3. Defend their nests

As women in business we are nurturing and protective. Like a hawk or a lioness, we defend those around us and hopefully we will also defend our goal and our ability to make it come true. We must defend our right to having a goal that may be outside the scope of what others believe we should pursue.

4. Very communicative and assertive, yet some are very gentle

When you think of a hawk does the word “gentle” come to mind? Maybe gentle like a pit bull. And yet, they have a subtle voice and a gentle nature. We are also multi-layered. We can be assertive, even forceful when we are passionate about a cause or an opinion or project. Yet at our core we are nurturing, empathetic, understanding, collaborate and like a hawk; communicative.

A big thank you to my friend Per Heistad that has given new meaning to focusing on goals “like a hawk” thanks to those amazing pictures!

Take a new look at your goals today. How can you be more hawklike when working on your goals?

Once last bird reference. Heather Adams has written an article about the personality traits of four different birds; dove, eagle, peacock and owl. Which are you?

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