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How JJ DiGeronimo Use LinkedIn to Advance Her Professional Impact


As a woman in high tech and an entrepreneur, I have used Linkedin for years as a valuable tool for career and business enhancement.

I have found that it can:
** help publish a book
** expand my professional network
** create peer groups
** locate great candidates for key positions
** query experts
** build virtual advisory groups

I find that many business women and men still view LinkedIn as a virtual resume and other than seeing who can collect the most linked people in their network; don’t really see the value.

Not only can you create a professional profile filled with keywords to help you rise to the top as the expert in your given field, but you can also create a mini website for your company which includes products, services, video, photos and so much more.

If you have steered clear of this social media site or not used it to its full advantage, I invite you to take another look.  Check out the group that I have started back in 2008: Tech Savvy Women.

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