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How To Unlock Your Leadership Potential


As you know I am passionate about the topic of developing women leaders which is why I am so excited that my colleague, Jill Furby, is launching the Unlock Your Leadership Potential Summit! 

Imagine what your life would be like if you were thrilled to get up every morning to go to work.  Imagine living a life where love, learning, accomplishment and living out your brilliant passion and purpose are a regular part of what it is to be alive every day!

Would you like to reach higher and higher levels of success in your career and life while decreasing stress at the same time?

In my session, October 4, I talk about the value of networking, the importance of having sponsors, and how to create an alignment to the right work.

Recent statistics from a 2015 McKinsey & Company report show companies that have more women in the senior leadership ranks are 15% more likely to have higher financial results that their industry competitors.

So, why not get an edge on your own path to senior leadership, and take advantage of your exclusive invite by Registering Here for the Leadership Summit  to accelerate your career NOW?

The experts on the summit will be sharing cutting-edge strategies backed by both decades of experience and the newest research to help you:

  •          Get Promoted Faster
  •          Increase Confidence
  •          Navigate male-dominated workplace cultures
  •          Leverage your Strengths
  •          Utilize Feminine Leadership Abilities
  •          Let Go of Self-Doubt
  •          Be your Authentic Self
  •          Decrease Stress
  •          Enjoy More Time with family and friends
  •          And Much More!

Don’t wait, start your path to Accelerated Career Growth, Increased Leadership Potential and Increased Happiness NOW, and click on Leadership Summit.

This event will only be available for a few days, and you want IN NOW.

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