Incorporating Holistic Practices into Mental Health Therapy


The Power of Authenticity and Setting Boundaries

In a world where societal pressures and expectations can often hinder our ability to be true to ourselves, it's important to remember the power of authenticity and setting boundaries. In a recent podcast episode, two women, JJ and Anna, shared their personal journeys and experiences with navigating these challenges.

Anna, a mental health therapist, yoga teacher, and Reiki master, emphasized the importance of following one's intuition and setting boundaries, even if it means saying no to others. She shared her own journey of working through societal pressures and institutions, particularly in relation to religion, and encouraged others to have the courage to go through difficult emotions and experiences.

JJ and Anna also discussed the power of community and connection, particularly among women. They both agreed that coming together and sharing their stories and strengths can break the pattern of women being pitted against each other by societal institutions. Anna emphasized the importance of remembering the healing practices and cultures that have been passed down through generations of women.

Anna also shared how incorporating practices like Reiki and yoga into her therapy sessions has helped her clients to heal more deeply and quickly. She and another therapist create a practice that treats the whole person, not just their mind in therapy, but also their body, spirit, energy, and emotions. Anna sees it as a dream come true to be doing this work with people.

Time Stamps
The Light That Shines on Our Work [00:01:06] JJ and Anna discuss the evolution of their work and the importance of authenticity in their personal and professional lives.

Authenticity [00:01:46] Anna defines authenticity as being aligned with one's thoughts and feelings, and the importance of following one's intuition and setting boundaries.

Processing Difficult Emotions [00:07:21] Anna shares her personal journey of leaving behind the institution of religion and the importance of processing difficult emotions rather than simply trying to “get over” them.

Institutional Barriers [00:08:51] JJ and Anna discuss how societal pressures and institutions can hold people back from using their gifts and how breaking free from these barriers is part of their life's work.

Women's Connection and Power [00:13:45] JJ and Anna discuss the power of women working together and how it can break the soul memory of energies that have pitted women against each other. They also talk about the importance of remembering the healing practices of other cultures and how they can be incorporated into mental health work.

Anna's journey to holistic therapy [00:18:05] Anna talks about her journey to becoming a holistic therapist, including getting another degree and moving to North Carolina to work with a therapist who incorporates ecotherapy into her practice.

The joy of offering holistic therapy [00:18:58] Anna expresses her excitement about being able to offer yoga and reiki in addition to therapy, and how it's a dream come true to be doing this work with people.

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