Episode 27: Lateral Moves - 6 Career Benefits

Lateral Moves – Are they Worth It? AND When do they make sense?

“Climbing the corporate ladder” kind of makes it sounds like there’s only one way to get to the top. But many of us end up exploring a variety of paths in our careers, or what I like to consider lateral moves.

These are the career changes that don’t typically involve a significant change in salary, title, or level. They may not seem very beneficial at first, but a lateral move doesn’t mean you aren’t gaining new experiences or learning new skills. So, are they worth it? Should you look into moving laterally in your career and how do you go about it? 

Just last week at a woman in tech conference, I was stopped in the hallway after a keynote and a woman asked, “You know, I love all your data, but what if I’m not ready to go up? I’ve been offered a position that seems more of a lateral move, should I consider it?”

It was hard to answer questions like that on the fly, because there are a lot of things to consider when making a lateral move. In this week’s episode of Career Strategies for Women that Work, we’re going to look into:

  • What a lateral move is and what it isn’t
  • Six reasons to consider making a lateral move
    • 3:25 – #1: 

      3:40 – #2: More executive visibility

      3:58 – #3: 

      4:10 – #4: 

      4:25 – #5:

      4:40 – #6: Opportunity to work with different people or for different people.

  • When you should take the leap and make a lateral move in your career
  • How to prepare yourself for a lateral move beforehand

I look forward to hearing about your journey and if this information is helpful for you as you cultivate the momentum, alignment, and impact you desire with these lateral moves!

Connect with me on Instagram – @JJDigeronimo, and let me know what lateral move opportunities you’re considering!

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