Episode 33: Powerful Words - 5 Shifts to Harness Your Power


Words matter. It’s not only about how you talk to yourself, but what you say and how you engage with others. Words can shift our perspective. They can empower us or prohibit us.

And in this week’s episode of Career Strategies for Women that Work, we’re going to discuss five powerful word shifts that will make a difference in your life. These have not only given me new opportunities, but they’ve also given me insight into how I talk to myself, what I align to, and where I want to take my energy next.

In this episode, you’re going to learn:

  • How the words we use create our perspective
  • Why it’s important to watch what we say—to ourselves and others
  • Five words shifts that will change how you live
  • A few practical examples of word shifts you can start making now

5 powerful word shifts
I really had to work on listening to what I was saying and then shift how I was saying things—especially to myself. Once I started paying attention, I found five words that made a difference in so many aspects of my life.

1. Have >> ____________________________
2. Should >>___________________________
3. Blame >> ___________________________
4. ______________________________________
5. ______________________________________

For many of us, really thinking about the words that we use with other people and with ourselves can shift not only the energy but the power you feel that you have in your life. Make sure you’re choosing powerful words that empower you to make good decisions and live a life that aligns with who you are and where you want to throw your energy. Take a listen to get the full scope and more examples of how to make this power shift for yourself.

Shifting the words you use isn’t always easy, it takes attention and time. But I’m rooting you on! Connect with me on Instagram – @JJDigeronimo, and share some of the perspective shifts you’re making now.