Workshops for Professional Women

Accelerate Your Impact – Leadership Workshops for Profession Women to Pave A Professional Path with Action Based Strategies with Author JJ DiGeronimo

Five Interactive workshops led by the author, JJ DiGeronimo, which includes a worksheet and book or each professional.   Professional, who plan to attend, should have at seven to ten years of professional work experience with aspirations to increase their influence and impact within the next 12-24 months.

The length of theses interactive workshops can vary.

Workshop 1: People, Networks, and Opportunities

  • How Ready Is Your Network
  • Finding Networking Groups that Work for You
  • Getting the Most from Organized Events 
  • Maximizing Your Online Profiles
  • Investing in Your Network

Workshop 2: Bundling Your Value + Increasing Your Self-Efficacy

  • Gauging Your Relevance
  • Bundling Your Value
  • Moving Toward Self-Efficacy
  • Increasing Your Relevance

Workshop 3: Maneuvering the Professional Landscape to Align to Meaningful Work

  • Maneuvering Cultures
  • Maximizing Risk and Minimizing Fears
  • Aligning to Impactful Work
  • Exploring Lateral Moves

Workshop 4: Identifying and Tapping Into Your Sponsors

  • Engaging Catalyst: Mentors, Sponsor and Advisory Boards
  • Identifying Your Sponsors
  • Tapping Into Your Sponsors
  • Fostering an Advisory Board

Workshop 5: Making Your Desires Known

  • Enhancing & Showcasing Your Professional Brand
  • Identifying, Joining and Participating on boards
  • Effective Strategies to Align to Your Next Professional Role
  • Advancing Others