Qi & Qigong Inside and Outside of Work with Samm Smeltzer

Qi & Qigong Inside and Outside of Work with Samm Smeltzer


Medical Qigong Therapist and HR Visionary, Samm Smeltzer shares her journey of how Qi found her!  

Samm recalls growing up as a sensitive soul that experienced life differently than her peers from her ability to feel things deeply, hear voices, and see things others couldn’t. 

Unsure of her purpose as a healer at the time, Samm shut down from everything until she couldn’t ignore the nudges of the universe about her calling. In the midst of it all, she felt lost and disconnected from herself which led her to seek out help from a Holistic Life Coach that affirmed her being a healer. 

This Holistic Coach advised her of her power as a Healer and slowly assisted her throughout that journey. As the pieces began to connect with Sam, she still couldn’t pinpoint what energy practice she was called to do. Until one day and $20 later, she found herself getting a tarot reading with an Astrologer that not only revealed to her that Qigong was the practice she was meant to pursue, but who also connected her with a guide to help her master Qigong. 

Now Samm can be found writing a book, practicing Qigong, pursuing her Master's and Doctorate in Qigong, and impacting the HR world through Qigong. 

In this event we discuss: 

The difference between Qi and Medical Qi

How Qi is used in the mind, body, and soul

How Samm integrates Qi into HR

Using Qigong in your daily life 

The benefits of using Qigong

Samm Smeltzer company:

Live Events: https://www.togetherweseek.online/ 

Join Live Discussions inside https://www.togetherweseek.online – where we explore energy practices to refuel, realign and rediscover our Life's Work

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