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images from WE Magazine for WomenThis month I was very blessed to be a featured woman business owner in the WE Magazine. This magazine features those that are inspiring and motivating other women to achieve their personal best in business and life.

I encourage you to visit the WE Magazine site to learn more about these amazing women. The magazine also offers insightful articles that educate and motivate. Product reviews that help you when making a touch purchase decisions and a shopping section that is fun to review.

Here is a small sample of the interview they did on me:

What is my mission?

My personal mission is to live a life that engages and empowers the people who cross my path. My life’s journey has taken me down many roads with twists and turns giving me the opportunities to learn, love and grow. This has not come free of tears and heartache but has often resulted in personal growth curves.

Knowing I only have 168 hours each week, I have learned to make choices aligned to my personal fuel stations (natural energizers), to build and leverage my gracious and effective networks and to pay-it-forward often.

What was the inspiration for your company/project?

I realized that my energy level sky-rockets when I take the time to empower women. It originally occurred in small groups and then I found ways to continue the momentum by formalizing it with the creation of Tech Savvy Women, now 800+ women in Northeast Ohio, Columbus and South Carolina which fostered Purposeful Woman and then Journey Charms. I call them my fuel stations which are my positive energy sources. This can be defined as excitements from within, which are generally clear indicators of my life’s calling. In fact, I have included seven (7) quick & easy assessments (which take no more than 30 minutes to complete) in my book for women, The Working Woman’s GPS to guide women toward their fuel stations. The book then guides women to develop their maps to achieve results, which often leads to their joy, impact and influence.

For the complete interview by Heidi Richards, click here.

If you are a woman in business with a story to tell, click here to complete the interview questionnaire and share your words of wisdom. Then let us know when it publishes so that we can spotlight you on our Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of WE Magazine for Women.



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