What is Your Professional Brand Today?


What is your professional brand today and how do you communicate day-to-day? This week’s Relevant Conversation speaks to how you show up in business:

  • In person
  • On your resume
  • On line

As you are looking to accelerate your impact in new directions, it is important to identify, investigate, and when you can, oversee what defines your professional brand.

Your professional brand has likely helped you land the role you have today. But ask yourself, will it open doors for the areas you hope to accelerate tomorrow?

I’ve learned that my brand evolves and is often a combination of what I have aligned to in the past and the things I focus on each week. I address this issue in the video below.

The goal is to understand where you are starting from now, so you identify your gaps to work toward the professional brand you desire. It may seem overwhelming, but you can tighten, evolve and even enhance your professional brand as you focus on new activities, engagements, participation, people and sponsorship.

Analyze Your Professional Brand

Think of yourself as a website for a moment: If people wanted to find you for a new opportunity, board seat or community initiative based on where you desire to have more impact, what would they type in Google? What would they search for on LinkedIn?

Now, think about your online professional profiles and online activities. Would you show up in their search results? If so, would you appear as a viable option, someone they would want to talk with? To brand yourself for the future, you must find time each week to integrate new information, new connections and new discussions to increase your relevance based on where you desire
to have more influence and impact.

Your professional brand consists of more than just your resume; it also incorporates how you communicate in person, how prepared you are, your successes, your confidence, as well as how you communicate on line and via email.

If you asked your peers or manager their perception of your professional brand would you be surprised by the answer?

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