Episode 21: What Stories are Holding You Back?


What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back? What stories are you holding on to? What stories do you need to let go of? In this week’s episode of Career Episodes for Women That Work, I share some strategies to analyze the stories you’re telling yourself. As the stories in your mind directly impact the joy in your life.  Take time to dive into your stories to enhance your professional and personal journey. 

I’ve definitely gathered a few stories as I’ve gone through life. One that sticks with me actually has to do with Oprah! I was at a tech conference in San Francisco, and after dinner, I was walking back to my (small, boutique) hotel. I’ve traveled for years by myself and I honestly felt relatively safe—until I saw a man standing on the street corner. We both eyed each other and then he followed me into the hotel. My instinct told me something was off, so I didn’t get on the elevator with him. I remembered back to an Oprah episode where she said, “If you don’t feel right, don’t get on an elevator with somebody. It is a steel container.” Sure enough, the elevator went up, and came right back down.

That’s a story I’m going to keep with me, it protected me in a bad situation. But there are also stories that are preventing us from moving forward in fear of feeling not good enough, not ready, not prepared, or not the one.

That’s why, in this episode, I’m sharing how to take ownership of the stories you have on repeat. You’re going to learn how to:

  • Use mindfulness to recognize your stories
  • Track the stories you keep telling yourself
  • Identify which of those stories are serving you or preventing you from moving forward
  • Interrupt the stories that are keeping you at a standstill

If you’re like me (before I started this journey) you’re thinking mindfulness isn’t for me. But mindfulness is KEY when it comes to recognizing and owning your stories. So I want you to download the freebie I’ve created to go along with this episode. It’s 10 Things I’ve Learned From My Mindfulness Practice. It’s such a powerful tool and I’m sharing it for free—get it here!

This episode has the power to really transform your life!

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