Who is in Your Sphere of Influence?


How strong is your network? Who is in your sphere of influence and do they support your efforts to advance in your career?

Picture a circle and you are in the center. Surrounding you are those that you interact with at work, within the community and as part of your friends and family network.

As you look around the circle at each face, assess the relationship you have with this person. How did they come to be part of the circle surrounding you? How well do they know you? How well do they understand what you bring to the professional table. Are they excited to see you succeed or perhaps a little jealous of your success? Do they lift you up or weigh you down.

In my recent Tech Savvy Women video I talk about your trusted sphere of influence and how to assess those people in your network.

Who in your network is a cheerleader, a devil’s advocate and/or a naysayer?

Using the chart from my first book A Working Woman’s GPS, you can take a closer look at those that surround you for their level of support and encouragement.

Once you have identified the roles of those in your current network, the next step is to look for gaps in your sphere of influence.

Ask yourself these questions as you reflect on who you will assemble for your sphere of influence:

  • Who are my champions?
  • Who will best guide me?
  • Who will support me as I blossom, as I evolve?
  • Who will feel uncomfortable about my plan or possibly sabotage it?
  • What gaps do I have on my team?
  • Who can I assist on her/his journey?

Set a goal for finding people who will be great additions to your sphere and actively seek out mentors and sponsors who will best help you develop to the next level.
IMG_5268cJJ DiGeronimo, keynote speaker for women, based in Cleveland, presents keynote addresses on women in leadership, diversity in business and advancement for women.

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