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Career Strategies for Women

As companies are condensing staff and asking more of their employees, it is difficult to dig out from under the task list to actively plan a career strategy, especially for women that have many demands outside the workplace.  Often women are just trying to get done what is on their to-do list. If you want […]

Time Management or Multi Tasking

I often wonder at the frenzy of our lives and what example we are unwittingly showing our children. Women are known for being champion multi-taskers while men seem to be the one trick wonder. We often think our ability to juggle multiple tasks at once is a sign of superior management and yet, how often […]

Mapping Out Your Professional Journey

You know how it feels to come to “the end” of a project or journey.  When I typed those 2 words on the last page of The Working Woman’s GPS it was exhilarating with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.  However, it left me wanting to know even more. After a short break, I was right back at researching, interviewing and learning more […]

Time, Focus and Impact

How many have ever wished for more hours in the day? You know who you are – raise your hands. I just read an article by Karen Skidmore, entitled Not Enough Hours in the Day, that essentially scolded us for that though. Karen’s contention is that we aren’t using our time wisely. Harsh, but she has […]

7 Characteristics of Successful Business Women

When you think of successful business women; someone who appears to have it all, what would you say is their most valuable characteristic? Intelligence? Creativity? Balance?  CG McIntire published an article on their site entitled the Essential Key Characteristics For Business Women. See if you agree:   Sell the Vision Reinvent the Rules Achieve With […]

Failure and Then What?

Have you botched a presentation, lost a promotion, yelled at someone when they didn’t really deserve it or have you set a goal you did not achieve? We’ve all had disappointing situations where we missed the mark and failed at something we hoped to accomplish. Failure isn’t the issue. Failure is a gift we receive to […]

Woman and Money

How involved are you in the family finances? Investments? College funds? Retirement? Taxes? Historically the man in a relationship took care of the money and often the woman wasn’t even aware of what bills were due and how much was saved for the future until an unexpected tragedy occurs. There is a financial expert, Carina […]

THE PLAN – Yes – I’m Shouting

Have you bought into the idea of the plan?  Do you spend your days, weeks and life trying to achieve the plan? The Plan is to Have It All. This Plan seems real based on many of the women I have interviewed throughout the year.  It seems to be the source, drive and ambition and the same source that has created overscheduled, […]